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Thread: Another popper convert

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    Another popper convert

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    So the other day I decided that Id get into roasting my own beans. A quick trip to the breville 2nds outlet today got me a crazy popper and Ive ordered the starter pack from beanbay.

    The only problem was that I had a shiny popper sitting in my room and at least a whole day or so to wait for the beanbay beans (patience may be the main issue here).

    I decided to head down to Di Bartoli in Bondi Jn and pick up a kilo of Colombian Supremo to play with and here is my first effort. Two roasts of 100g each. One after the other.

    A mentioned, I roasted with Breville Crazy Popper. I used a tin can chimney instead of the popper cover. Outside temp was about 19-20 degrees. I had a pedestal fan blowing across the popper the whole time.

    I had trouble deciding when to call FC, RFC and SC for my timings, but Im sure this will come about with more practice.

    The beans on the left (1) were the first attempt, and my timings were roughly as follows:

    FC 3:03 RFC 4:45 SC 6:00

    The beans on the right (2) were done about 5 mins after, so the popper was still warmish

    FC 2:44 RFC 3:34 SC 5:42

    These times might be wildly off. For example, the first batchs RFC, I had trouble deciding when an occasional crack became a rolling crack.

    Anyway, both the batches look pretty similar in colour to my eye. Will wait a couple of days and give them a try. They already smell nice!

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    Re: Another popper convert

    Great looking first and second crack at home roasting SeanSheep, looks like you have been doing it for years!

    The popper is a great way to prove to yourself that home roasting is both fun and do-able.

    I would suggest trying them now, not all of it as they will improve over the next couple of days but you should pull a shot just to try em out. It will bubble and gush from the group handle but still be quite drinkable and probally in front of most the commercial coffee found on the street.

    Most of all... enjoy!


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    Re: Another popper convert

    Thanks Andy!

    I had a taste of the first batch today using the Aeropress. Tasted the goods and it was by no means offensive, which really did surprise me.

    I tried it straight and was a bit bitter, and ended up drinking it iced with milk and was delicious.

    Im not really cluey enough at this point to pick anything from the roast except that it tasted like coffee, and I liked it, but give me time.

    From what Id read, it sounds like there are so many factors to be considered when roasting that you have to be a bit lucky to get a good roast from a popper. I guess its the old 80/20 rule: It seems you can get a perfectly decent (but perhaps not award winning?) roast with minimum fuss and effort. It really did taste as good as any beans Ive put through the Aeropress in the past.

    Ill have to wait until Friday to try it as an espresso (6910/0480 at work). Ive only got the Aeropress at home at present because Im 100% sure my flatmates would trash the shiny GPP Ive got my eye on in about 10 seconds flat.

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    Re: Another popper convert

    word of advice from my own experience, wait at least a half hour between batches on a popper, mainly to draw the roast out as much as you can, i find anything less than that and i get into FC / SC too quickly

    both of your roasts look fine as well, nice consistent colouring for a popper

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    Re: Another popper convert

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6355515E6358555540300 link=1252309209/2#2 date=1252475554
    From what Id read, it sounds like there are so many factors to be considered when roasting that you have to be a bit lucky to get a good roast from a popper.
    Not really Sean....

    Thats one of the beauties with using a popper. Providing you pay attention to the batch size compared to ambient temperature, you are assured of very consistent and great results in the cup. Also, as pb mentions... If you allow a reasonable time between roasts for your popper to cool down, you should have no trouble roasting several batches in a session.

    Even better, if you have some kind of fan in a bucket bean cooler going on, you can lay the popper upside down in this for an even quicker cool-down between batches. This is what I used to do before splitting the fan away from the element circuit in my old Tiffany popper.

    All the best mate... :)


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