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Thread: Mandheling heaps o oil!!!

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    Mandheling heaps o oil!!!

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    Just heatgun roasted 200g of mandheling, I decided to try hastening the onset of first crack, achieving it at around 3 min mark, then maintained the heat for another 1.5-2 mins or so, at which stage the smoke disappeared and the oils started seeping through. I decided to slow things down a bit and moved the HG away from the beans. Eventually I got to verge of 2nd crack at 8min. I was quite surprised to see oil coming out like that, was that a bad sign? could I have roasted too quickly that some of the 2nd cracks merged with 1st cracks? if indeed 2nd crack was reached for some of the beans, how was it possible that ALL the beans started sweating and at the completion of the roasting they dont look at all overroasted (looking full city +)

    Cant wait to try some tomorrow, will let you guys posted. 8)

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    Re: Mandheling heaps o oil!!!

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    yeah I would suspect you roasted it a bit quick I usually hit first crack about 11 mins.

    Dont forget to try this bean about 2.5 hours after roasting IMHO at this point it tastes better than the Yemen Ismali. After 2.5 hours it drops off a bit 3 days after roast the Yemen beats it hands down ;) The Matari is over rated IMHO.

    Good to see you are going to try it anyway because what you may think is a roasting disaster just may be something special. Even if it does taste like pig swill, it will help train your taste so you can recognise over or under roasted beans when you get served a nasty coffee @ Dodgy Brothers Café.

    Those that brought the Bali Coffee are in for a real treat. ;D


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