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Thread: Suggestions from my stash for 1st Hottop roast?

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    Suggestions from my stash for 1st Hottop roast?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    With a Hottop B on its way currently from Pullman espresso(thanks for the great deal Greg!) im looking to you guys for a suggestion out of my green bean stash for a first roast on it other than replicating the sample provided with the provided green samples.

    Im not after profiles or graphs right now...maybe later down the track but just a safe and friendly bean that i will have no troubles with?

    Alternatively... out of my stocks are there any that may give me any troubles?... My list is as follows :

    *PNG Kimel peaberry
    *Ethiopian Harar clotilde
    *Guatamalan Neavo Granada RFA
    *Sumatran Tobasa premium
    *Brizilian Monte Alegra espresso blend(wet, natural and dry processed)
    *Columbian Kacualo
    *Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
    *Costa Rico Rio Negro
    *A few kilos of unidentified estate beans from Costa Rico & Columbia.

    My main concern is not to kill any beans by treating them all the same so any help would be great :)

    I have access to a heap of green from a local roaster i have got to know recently so if there is something you can suggest that is a fail safe roast then i should be able to get it.

    THANKS!!! ;)

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    Re: Suggestions from my stash for 1st Hottop roast?

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Hi Luke,

    I havent roasted all of those but cant seem anything that screams disaster at me in that list. Ive always found the Yirg to be a well behaved bean, particularly if its a well graded batch youve got. The Hottop B roasts pretty evenly anyway but if you have bean sizes all over the place you will get some variation, which can be disconcerting if you happen to use such a bean on your first roast! Thats why we supply beans that are easy to roast and give you the sample so you get pretty decent results while youve still got your training wheels on! Yirg is one of the beans weve used in the past for this purpose.

    Good luck!

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