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Thread: New favourite roasting method

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    New favourite roasting method

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    Hi All,
    After my experience with the popcorn popper, it gave up the ghost, I have since tried the wok method and also the ovan method. It took me 1:35h for a medium to light roast which was highly stressfull for the minister for finance and recreation who thought I might destroy the wok we got as a wedding gift.
    I then tried the oven which I am pleased to report has got my thumbs up. It still takes about 30min but you can controll the temp and it seems that because the chaff is "baked" when you are using a siv it just breaks up when you move the beans from side to side.

    Here is what I have recorded:
    1) Set oven to 210c
    2) Wait for 5min to warm then place gb into the middle rack of the ovan. I am using a cake tray with baking paper on the base
    3) First crack should then be heard from 10 - 16 min
    4) At the 19min mark turn up the heat to 230c which should take you to 2nd crack fairly quickly. With in 5 min.

    Keep checking the beans every few minutes as my ovan is at least 10 - 15 years old so may not be as good as a new ovan.

    I hope you have as much fun and drinking enjoyment out of this new hobby as I do.

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    Re: New favourite roasting method

    sounds Interesting?

    Does the coffee taste different to coffee roasted in a popper?


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    Re: New favourite roasting method

    Hmmm, 1:35 hr seems a bit long to me, may I ask what type of wok you used, is it cast iron? And are you using gas or electric? I am using a gas camp stove and a fry pan (one with a thick aluminium base), it usually takes me 15-20 min to finish a roast of 300~400g of beans on low.

    Your oven roasting seems a bit long too, from what I understand, you should finish your roast within 20~25min or you risk "baking" the beans. But on the other hand, who cares if it tastes good....


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    Re: New favourite roasting method

    Curious how smokey the roast was in the oven and if you stirred the beans during the bake?

    I prefer most beans fairly dark... ummm pretty much where the brown is nearly gone and is gets fairly smokey in the popper. How dark a roast did you do in the oven?

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    Re: New favourite roasting method

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    I was using a electric brevil wok. which I guess with the antistick coating does not heat like a gas wok would.
    I have found the ovan roasted coffee nice and smooth. I dont have the vocab yet to better explain but I guess that with the popper their was alot of smoke which got into the beans. The ovan did not produce very much smoke that you could see but the smell did hit most of the house. As I was not sturring the bean as it roasted, the roast is not very evan but not by alot as so become a major problem.

    I have just had a smell of the ovan roasted kenya and have found the smell greatttt. No smoky undertones, just pure coffeeee. :)

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