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Thread: New roaster,need help on lpg gas connection

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    New roaster,need help on lpg gas connection

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    Hi everyone,
    This is my first I hope some one can help!!
    I new to home roasting and I just bought a *second hand husna parlamanza 1kg lpg gas roaster.
    The thing is I have no idea what gas regulator I need to attach it to the gas bottle.
    I do know that it has 1/4" female flare connection that comes off the roaster to connect it to the gas bottle.
    Any help would be very much apprieciated
    Thank you!!

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    Re: New roaster,need help on lpg gas connection

    Morning Alastair,
    Gas, like electricity is very unforgiving, if you need to ask the above question I suggest you spend a few bucks and take all of the bits to a licensed plumber/gas fitter and get the job done professionally.

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    Re: New roaster,need help on lpg gas connection

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    Hi Alastair

    These dont seem to be common. A Google reveals very little about them as Im sure you have tried this. Perhaps email the manufacturer They would know for that model and serial number who imported it from them or who their agent is nearest you (Scotland!). The compliance plate on the machine should say LPG - check, and it may also say the pressure it is to be set at. Make sure its not natural gas. As the previous person said - get a gas plumber to check it for you. Otherwise - big bang :-)

    PS. Google just bought up one other person that has such a machine :-)
    They dont seem to be common but they do look nice from the Huscof website.


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