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Thread: First Heat Gun roast

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    First Heat Gun roast

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    I have just finished my first coffee roast using a Ryobi heat gun I bought a few days ago. *I tried 150 g of Sumatran Mandheling Grade 1 (from the latest starter pack) in a stainless steel mixing bowl with a similar shape to a dog food bowl but with higher sides. *I used a whisk to stir the beans while I waved the heat gun about. *First crack came after 5 minutes with the fluff blowing out liberally (yes, I was outside). *I didnt detect a pause before second crack but noted the beans quickly becoming dark and shiny and starting to smoke while the cracking increased frequency and sounded like popcorn. *I decided to stop there and cooled the beans by pouring from one sieve to another in front of a fan. *This took a few minutes to cool the beans, too slow I thought but I didnt have anything else available. *The proof is in the drinking which was quite nice but perhaps not as smootha and mild as I had hoped. *Perhaps I roasted too fast and too dark?

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    Re: First Heat Gun roast

    I find 150g to be too small a batch for heat gun roasting. I tend to roast batches of 300-350g. 200-250g batches work well also. Once you refine a technique, youll find it easier to control the smaller batch size but as a start, Id give 250g a go.

    You may also be roasting too hot. There are plenty of guides around on the net to get you started and so you can be aware of exactly what is happening at each stage of the process.

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    Re: First Heat Gun roast

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    If the heat gun has more than one setting, I would suggest to turn it down to the lower setting once you hit first crack. By extending the period between 1st and 2nd cracks you add a bit of complexity and depth into the cup.

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