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Thread: 1st coretto roast

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    1st coretto roast

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    Tried my first roast today, 400g Brazil orig Burb. Had the spread sheet graph i downloaded off CS as a temp guide. Had a little trouble controllong temps as my TC was jumpy with its readings (have a rod probe on order). Found myself adjusting the temps of the heat gun regularly to maintain fairly even ramp. Got to FC at 11mins, tried to back off the heat up to SC but was hard to manage with the jumpy redings. Got to RSC at 18min. I like a darker roast so took it to just under 20 min CS10 profile. Noticed a fair bit of tipping, though with varied rise and falls in temp between FC and SC i was kind of expecting it.
    Will be interesting to see the difference in taste to when i roasted in the popper.

    Does the probe give better eadings of temp than the cord TC?

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    Re: 1st coretto roast

    Not having used a loose TC and only [s]experienced[/s] just a beginner with my digi probe I have no trouble maintaining the 15-30 odd degrees/min to first crack and then backing the HG off to the 2 to 4 degrees / min to SC.

    My Bosch HG ([s]LED[/s](<--Oops) LCD model up to 650C) generally sits on the second airspeed setting with a starting temp of 350C at about 150mm above the beans and I touch it up or down based on the per second intervals Im seeing on the probe. *If its rising at 0.3 or 0.4 per second degree intervals then I leave it alone. *If it drops to 0.2 or stabilises Im usually bumping it up 10 to 20 on the HG (no height adjustments).

    All very non-scientific of course but geez I enjoy the 20 odd minutes of my roasts and the probe does make the job easy (Havent tried to pull out the beans before removing the probe yet - phew). *My Sunday Roasts now consist of a Lamb & Veg combo with 2 x 500g green bean lots * ;D

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    Re: 1st coretto roast

    Well, pulled a shot thismorning and I must say im impressed, so much better than when I roasted this bean in a popper. Much smoother, hint of coco with a pleasent aftertaste that lingers until your next sip.
    Im happy with the first attempt. *:)

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    Re: 1st coretto roast

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    Awesome to hear phill!, how fun is it!, now the introduction of all the variables!, it only gets better mate! soon youll be repeating roast profiles perfectly, adjusting slightly for that particular bean, faster/slower ramp to FC, long slow climb to SC.....etc etc GREAT FUN!!!!
    :) :)

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