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Thread: Freezing Green Beans

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    Freezing Green Beans

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    I have been listening to the CoffeeGeek Podcasts recently and I was interested in a discussion with a speciality roaster in America (sorry canít remember which one). His roasting business is based on storing his green coffee frozen in batch size lots for use at a much later date. He had been researching for some years and based on there cupping results concluded no discernable difference in the quality of the frozen green either side on the freezing process. The cupping of the frozen was significantly greater then the beans stored in the Ďnormalí fashion.

    He went on to say there are no special technical requirements, just separate them into roast weight bags, squeeze the air out and put in the freezer.

    Does anyone do this at there home?

    It might be interesting to store samples of the same bean over different crops for comparison.


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    Re: Freezing Green Beans

    Unless you plan to keep them for several years, theres not much point. Theyll keep well in cotton bags for, I dont know... a good year or two. I aim for a turnover of much less than that.
    Id guess though, that there may well be a number of our fellow snobs with massive stockpiles for whom this may be a viable option.

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    Re: Freezing Green Beans

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    The Company that does this freezing thing is Terroir. But they freeze the beans at -40 F, certainly colder than most home freezers can attain.

    That being said, someone over at the Green Coffee Cooperative has experimented with freezing his greens for limited periods of time and found no appreciable difference, frozen or not.

    Like the above poster said, these beans last a good long time as it is. Lets say you had some outstanding beans that you wanted to "put away" for a special occasion years from now, it might be a good idea . . . but youre liable to find supplies of as good (or better!) coffee between now and then.

    Put them in breathable bags and use them in a year. Yeah, thats the ticket: Ive got about 300 lbs in my stash now, so maybe Id better look into that freezing thing. ::)

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