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Thread: Stung by upgradeitis

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    Stung by upgradeitis

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Well ladies and gentlesnobs it is now official. We have succumb to upgradeitis and we now have progressed from our humble popcorn maker with a tomato can upgrade to a Gene roaster. Wow what a difference. To be able to do more than 110grams of green bean at a time is amazing. Still roasts really nicely, sometimes a little bit uneven compared to our old popcorn roasts, but a beautiful end product.
    I have found that the first roast of the day/evening needs to be about a minute longer than the rest as the gene needs to be caressed from his bottle to start blowing that hot air through, but once he is up and running it all happens pretty quickly.
    I am roasting in Brisbane and have been roasting my Bolivian Fairtrade beans. I have been typically getting them to around a C9 in 16 minutes for first roast and 15 for each roast after that at 250 degrees celsius. How does this sound to those a little more established in the art of gene roasting? Any advice?
    Now with the larger quantities I can roast I can keep up with the demand I get from friends for our roasted beans, so we must be doing something right.
    I wonder where the next upgradeitis will hit... a larger burr grinder that will grind straight into our one way valves would make life a little easier, hmmmmm.
    Happy roasting.

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    Re: Stung by upgradeitis

    Good choice! Times are pretty reasonable. Id be a bit careful of
    setting to 250 all the way through though, IMHO better to drop
    back to say 242 or 240 at first crack; this will give a bigger gap
    between FC and SC. For example, for harder beans Ill leave it set
    at 250 to FC, then around 240 for three minutes or so just to
    a few snaps of SC.

    Youll need to experiment to get best results -- keep records!

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    Re: Stung by upgradeitis

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Being reasonably new to the Gene (Oct 09) I have played around a little - and welcomed the advice given on the forum - I can relate to what you are finding.
    The second roast does move along a little quicker, I guess everything else is warmed up by then??

    In general, I am finding the better results for my roasts using the following......

    5 minutes @ 160
    Then increase to 240 until first crack then winding back over the next couple of minutes by 5 degrees per min until 230 (i dont go less than that - I am thinking that if I do I may stall the roast).

    First crack pops in at around 12 mins into the roast and second seems to be following at or around 5 mins later. I would like to get my second crack happening at between 5-6 minutes after first crack in time.

    If it is a cooler windy day (WA = Windy Always!!) - as I roast in the shed with no doors - I seem to have to increase to 250 to get first crack at a similar stage.


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