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Thread: Roasting for super-autos

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    Roasting for super-autos

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    For a home user Ive done a fair amount of roasting now, but have hit my first real lack-of-knowledge bump.

    Roasting for a Jura S9.

    Based on my success at home, Ive been asked to roast for a small office and another persons home machine, both S9s, however running this weeks blend roasted for my VBM through the Jura produced an unpleasant brew.

    It lost a stack of body (expected, but didnt leave much else) and was slightly sour. I cant increase the brew temperature any higher in the Jura - at max setting - and the techos cant either, so Ill need to adjust the roast. (Oddly enough, my VBM is set at a lower temp...)

    My experienced tastebuds also tell me Ill need to be wary of bean types - possibly sticking to middle-of-the-road coffees such as columbian and brazil and roasting them to a warmer level. I tend to keep my roasts brightish for the VBM but am fast suspecting that the Jura will benefit from a longer milder roast profile ending a bit darker than that for the VBM without hitting ashy tones.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Roasting for super-autos

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    Im not sure about roast differences, but I found my favourite beans went well in a super-auto. I prefer high body and flavour with low acid, so about CS 10 or so. Most staff liked the Ethiopian Sidamo (we also got a commercial version of this) and the Sumatran and Sulawesi beans.


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