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Thread: Brazilian daeterra (sp?) and popper roasting

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    Brazilian daeterra (sp?) and popper roasting

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    Hey guys,

    Just looking for some help on roasting profiles and perhaps times for brazilian daeterra.

    I have been roasting it and i find that when i let it rest and smell it again, it does smell rather burnt as opposed to that pleasant coffee smell u get when u squeeze the valve.

    any tips would be great... I have a thermometer up to 250degrees, but i dont think it is working properly so i may get a thermocouple and digital thermometer for better temp measuring...

    i have tried listening to it too, however, i hear first crack... harder for me to hear second crack or know if ive even reached it...

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Brazilian daeterra (sp?) and popper roasting

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    oohh Daterra ... which one?

    Id say your nose is giving you a good clue if you are smelling something burnt as opposed to the pleasant coffee smell you are looking for.

    Can you provide some more info about times to FC & SC & your temps if possible? Hard to guess what might be going on without a bit more info.

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