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Thread: Roasting Costa Rica SHB Tarrazu

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    Roasting Costa Rica SHB Tarrazu

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    Hi folks,

    Are other people finding this bean darkens more quickly than most? By 2nd crack I get some very dark beans (no oil). Ive also used the Tarrazu in a few pre-blended roasts taken to near 2nd crack and the result always contains some very dark beans, which I suspect are the Costa Ricans. Its a nice brittle bean when roasted. I like it.



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    Re: Roasting Costa Rica SHB Tarrazu

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    Thats pretty right Rob.

    I usually pull my roast around 20 seconds before the onset of rolling 2nd Crack and by that stage, the beans are very dark. With my slightly modified popper, beans are straw coloured by about 3 minutes, cinnamon by 4 minutes, 1st Crack at 5:10, 1st Crack finished at 6:30 with beans at reddish brown, dark brown by 8:15 and pulled at 8:50 with around 50% of the beans a very dark umber but no spots of oil. Beans are then thrown immediately into my super-cooler ;D and cooled down to ambient temp in about a minute or so 8-).


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