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Thread: Guide to Corretto?

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    Guide to Corretto?

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    Im surprised theres no guide or how-to here, with a list of ideal equipment (including which bread makers are ideal for this).

    Id like to try my hand at home roasting, corretto style, but just dont know which bread maker is most popular for this? I know some just arent good enough. Units that start/stop/start/stop their mixing, or have mixing timers, etc.

    Ideal bread maker? heat gun?

    Is there are particular method for this? roast, and then remove the beans and.... ? cool? how? on a tray? on a tray with a fan? then bag when? 5 mins later? 5 hours later?

    Ive searched, and read up, theres a lot of variation. I guess everyone has their own style.

    Really keen to get started on home roasting this year :)

    Cheers, James

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    Re: Guide to Corretto?

    Hi James,

    Yes, everyone has slightly differing methods. There is plenty of info in the "sticky" threads above, including reviews of bms, heat guns, and a guide to corretto roasting with lots of pics.

    All your questions have been asked plenty of times. Best bet is to do some more reading and just give it a go. most of us are using what was conveniently on hand at the time.
    (Eg. I roast, remove and dump on caesar stone bench to cool and bag within a few minutes. the bench works well as its large and nearby, but others use buckets, colanders and fans etc.)

    good luck,


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    Re: Guide to Corretto?

    Quote Originally Posted by 1338343C2A14590 link=1269734673/0#0 date=1269734673
    I guess everyone has their own style
    you said it in one.......

    have a look at bread maker reviews in teh roasters section to find one that runs continuous

    have a look at the heat gun review in teh roasters section to find good quality that wont cost the earth

    have a look at peoples threads on their corretto setups, there is tonnes of info, there is no "ideal" its what your after and like, and the only way is to try, youll find a way that suits your taste.

    continuous BM
    either variable temp gun, or rig one that you can raise and lower to alter temp profile
    a simple cooling solution like 2 colanders will do till you work out what you really want to cool.....
    bag the beans as soon as cool in one way valve bags and seal
    wait 3 days and start tasting!



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    Re: Guide to Corretto?

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    you can also kick off with just a stainless steel bowl, a wooden spoon, some gloves, a heat gun and some beans. something to sort of hold the bowl and just stir them holding the heat gun.

    i was doing an easy 300gr this way, and its very visual / audible as your right in there with the beans :)

    then cooling between two bowls and a fan

    I found that better than a popper because of bigger batch size then upgraded to a BM when a cheap one appeared :)

    most BMs will do the job, its just either getting one that has a the right cycle or modding it so it does.


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