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Thread: Getting chocolate flavours in my roast, tell me how to get more ????

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    Getting chocolate flavours in my roast, tell me how to get more ????

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    OK so i been roasting a while now, can get pretty constant roasts happening and can "control" my corretto fairly well.

    I do about a 500grm green roast
    1600w heat gun not variable but on tripod
    I aim to for first crack in the 11-12 range and RSC at about 16-18 range

    I normally go to just before RSC, just when second crack has started kicking in...
    i have temp gauges (pid) but normally just go on visual and sound, temp numbers are for "control" or ramp speed etc during my roast

    I am just enjoying some Ethiopia Gambella Sundried (roasted yesterday morning *::))
    in my standard double ris latte *and it has some nice hints of "dark choc" *a lingering dark bitter choc *:-*

    question is,

    anyone got some tips to increase these flavors. I really like a choc finish. Had some great coffee at Hazels Alchemy on thurs and really would like to be able to pull some more chocy out like she can...

    gimme some tips
    more heat or less? when?
    longer or shorter run to RSC?
    Would a KKTO help more (style of roastering) or ??
    what about a Behmor, sold out i see in BBay :(
    when can i expect choc flavor to really mature into the beans? I have trouble letting them get to 5 days..... cause i am thirsty....

    nest to be roasted is *
    Ethiopia Gambella Sundried or Honduras Los Bancos

    I just finished that coffee, best chocy finsih hits yet in my roasting I need more...... yum...

    looking forward to your thoughts :)

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    Re: Getting chocolate flavours in my roast, tell me how to get more ????

    The Ethiopia Gambella is a great SO.

    Im not sure another setup will result in more prominent cocoa flavours. The corretto can produce these and other flavours very well. I use a lid on mine (an upside down lamington tray with a hole in the middle for the gun and slot on the side for the chaff).

    To enhance the cocoa flavours, Id be keeping to your time frame, but making sure the ramp to FC was a gentle (no more than 10deg/min) from about 150 onwards.
    Roasting to about CS 9/10 (into SC) will also enhance the cocoa but you need a bean that handles this well.

    My favourite bean for cocoa flavours is the Mexican Tapachula El Tacana. You can take this one into a rolling SC and only get CS9. Andy mentions that the current Ugandan bean also displays cocoa flavours, but I havent tried it yet.

    Resting time is also important for flavour development and leaving them for 5 days is usually best, sometimes much longer depending on the bean. Just roast more next time so you can start early and still have plenty into week 2. ;)

    just my second crack

    have fun,


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    Re: Getting chocolate flavours in my roast, tell me how to get more ????

    I love the Gambella Sundried, and for me too it is best after 4 or 5 days--before that it can be a bit sharp.

    While the dark fruit flavours come out with resting, it is not my favourite for chocolate, although it can taste a bit like a chocolate fruit Christmas pudding! At the moment Im getting my chocolate fix from the Kuza and the Zambia Munali.

    I tend to prefer all my roasts just to the very start of 2nd crack.

    The other thing that (for me) intensifies the rich flavours is to make my ristrettos very short. I aim for 20 ml of extraction from 19 gm of beans, in a tad less than 20 seconds; and when I go for a latté I put the double extraction into a 90 ml cup and top with steamed milk--so the whole drink is also very short.


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    Re: Getting chocolate flavours in my roast, tell me how to get more ????

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    As per Greg I tend to roast to second crack but I usually get first crack at about 12-14 minutes and then slow it down to second crack. I roast to the darker roasts CS 9 and 10 normally no darker. I get cocoa flavours in most of my roasts. I normally have milk drinks and rarely drink short blacks or ristrettos. I always use a double shot in my latte.

    Gambella is a favorite but I also like the PNG Waghi, Sumatran and Eithiopians beans of any variety.

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