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Thread: Decaf WOW! /w Crazy Popper results

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    Decaf WOW! /w Crazy Popper results

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi guys,

    Just done my first roast ever, with a moddded Crazy Popper and around 1/2 cup of green Decaf WOW! beans.

    Heres my notes:

    Crazy Popper, per pic, includes mods: top and bottom removed. A short can on top (it was too short, I would have lost 10% of the batch during the process, to be changed for next time). Also note the crazy popper was elevated 30mm by two pieces of timber (the machine sounded less muffled when elevated, better able to breath), so this choice was made.

    Crazy Popper was allowed to run for a few mins before beans went in. (guess this shouldnt make much diff? Seems to come upto temperature quite quickly - tho I dont have a probe). Within a few mins (2-3) into the roast, the beans colour had changed quite noticably. Dark colour was mabye around 7min mark, and at the very end, 17min(!!?) mark, minor minor colour difference to the 7min mark was yielded. Indeed, I have read in another thread to not roast by colour with these Decaf Wows. Tho that leads me to my next point. The crack!

    The crack, Or lack of the crack. I kept my head as close or pratically possible for most of the roast, and apart from the fairly loud noise of the Crazy Popper, which I tried to blank out, I truly could not hear any discernable crack or pop, let alone a first or second.

    This was dissapointing. I was tempted to stop the roast around 12mins, thinking this was adequate, as most folks roast times I notice are around 7-10mins, however did consider that with the mods to the Crazy Popper, times should be increased yes? (which is apparently better?).

    I anxiously hunched by, but made the decision to pull them around the 17min mark, as the stopwatch shows a pic I took shortly before switching off, at 16:28. Any longer I thought would be surely too long as Ive not heard of roasts time in excess of this that are not too long.

    Cooled the beans per the pics, which are now sealed in a 250gm one-way valve bag. Dont know what to expect. Didnt see smoke as some people mention as an unfortunate youve gone too long sign.

    Any thoughts as to what to expect from the batch?
    Any reasons/tips why I couldnt hear any discernable crack/pop?
    Have I gone too long, or not long enough?

    Hope the pics help.

    Did note that the beans crushed well enough in my hands with a bit of fingernail involvement. Looks like it should grind up well, scent of the crush was ok/quite ok, tho a bit smokey, adding to my I dont know whether I went too far, (or long enough?) concerns.

    Thanks heaps guys.


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    Re: Decaf WOW! /w Crazy Popper how-to

    next two pics

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    Re: Decaf WOW! /w Crazy Popper how-to

    last two pics

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    Re: Decaf WOW! /w Crazy Popper results

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Hi Jon

    As youve probably noticed, decaf beans end up a fair bit darker and drier than regular beans (because of the decaffeination process).

    Your roast there looks similar to what I end up with. But if in doubt just give it a go and see how it tastes ;)

    Because I dont use a temp probe either, and the fact decaf beans dont seem to make a lot of noise during roasting and bean colour isnt a great way to gauge decafs, I also throw in 10 or so non-decaf beans of a type that Im familiar with. These act as indicators and lets me judge when the roast is done by their colour and more importantly the sounds they make. If possible chuck in some beans that tend to crack loudly.

    Doing this definitely improved the consistency of my decaf roasts.

    Hope this helps. Happy roasting. [smiley=thumbup.gif]

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