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Thread: Accidential HottopB roast-best yet

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    Accidential HottopB roast-best yet

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Greetings all,
    Being fairly new to the world of home roasting,Ive encountered my share of 4 out of 10 tasting roasts with an increasing number of 7 out of 10s as I play with the numerous variables of drying stage,first ramp up temperatures,and extending times between first and second crack.
    I enjoy analysing profile charts and derive challenging options in determining new profiles.
    Having graduated from pan roasting to a HottopB (terrific support from Greg Pullman) the options to play with profiles are stimulating.
    The accidential roast happened as follows....
    Roasting a Brazilian/Toraja blend and at around 160c roaster temp (138c bean temp), decided to boost the roaster power from 70% to 100% for the first ramp up stage to first crack....(the roaster does take a while to react to power changes.)

    Accidentially, the beans were ejected and the hottop cooling process began automatically. Rather than waste the beans, the roaster was left to cool and the roast restarted using 100% power all the way to 190c, 50% to first crack, finishing before second at 115c. Beans-light brown.
    Initial tastings were a tad better than grassy from the expresso maker,and drinkable from the aeropress....these results continued for awhile and the beans were discarded apart from a small batch taken away on a four day trip.

    This morning,ten days after the roast,decided to taste from the remaining beans using the Spidem expresso maker (manual)....9 grms single shot.

    MAGIC is a second cup an hour later....My problem now is, was it the interrupted roast or perhaps even the blend that is now providing the sweet and lingering taste ?
    More options to explore.

    Juliet Lima

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    Re: Accidential HottopB roast-best yet

    Ahhhh the old press eject instead of scroll down mistake huh? I had a laugh

    We have all done it Juliet ...some may not admit it though ;)

    Will you ever be able to replicate your roast...VERY unlikely unless you follow the exact steps taken in the first roast...not recommended :)

    Practice makes perfect so keep at it and in no time youll be roasting like a Hottop pro :)

    P.S. Love the last name :)

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    Re: Accidential HottopB roast-best yet

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Hmmm funny I did that too recently at Anger Managements place - so easy to press the eject to instead of select needs a raised button or some bright blinking button of sorts.....Managed to save ....well for a couple of days... ;)

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