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Thread: Watch Coffee Beans Roast - Test

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    Watch Coffee Beans Roast - Test

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    Snip from the Coffee Analysis Centre - Korea

    This movie clip taken by COFFEE ANALYSIS CENTER in korea is being attempted world wide for the first time to show coffee beans physical changes during roasting. By the laboratorys micro-transparent roaster developed by COFFEE ANALYSIS CENTER, it became possible to demonstrate all process of coffee roastings which had been veiled before.
    This movie clip reveals active phenomenon of coffee beans during roasting, such as color changing, cracking, normal popping, partial popping(as we call "bubbling effect"), and oil spouting

    Interesting video for those of us that are keen home or professional roasters

    I would like to hear/see you comments

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    Re: Watch Coffee Beans Roast - Test

    Good find KK ... lets get exothermic.

    It would have been fun if they had kept going until the beans self combust .... *it looked like it was going too at a couple of spots in the vid.

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    Re: Watch Coffee Beans Roast - Test

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Great post KK, thanks!

    Very good for newbies who may want a clear way of seeing the texture changes on the surface of the bean.

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