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Thread: Beans from cold or Preheat

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    Beans from cold or Preheat

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    This a topic of conversation at todays meet at AMs - I didnt manage to get to the end but wanted to find out if there was any Hottop B users who put in from cold ? So beans are already in whilst pre-heating ? If so pros cons ? Am sure there is a similar topic not sure if its Hottop B complient though ?

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    Re: Beans from cold or Preheat

    I dont. Youll only be able to do the first roast in a session in that manner as subsequent roasts will have the roaster hotter so repeatability is going to suffer. Not sure if this is where you got the idea from but I know folks in the US do this because their power supply is weaker and the HT takes too long otherwise; but Ive never found it necessary in Australia.

    Ill take this opportunity to issue a general warning on the topic of advice from overseas sources who use different mains power supplies - general advice on roasting is fine, but specifics on how to implement something on any given electrically-heated machine needs to be carefully considered if youre going to try to apply it here. We had one customer who got into all sorts of trouble with burning roasts, filters clogging up in 3-4 roasts and so on by following the advice on the US sites. The advice was probably perfect for the US but not necessarily for here. Thats why all the Hottops we sell come with a sample profile as a starting point which we know works under Australian conditions.

    The closest I do to the OPs question is drop the beans for batch n+1 into the drum once batch n is down to ambient (normally after about 3-4 minutes) and start the next roast. The environmental temperature will still be over 100 at that stage but the cold beans will help bring the drum down to the preheat temperature faster as well as warm the beans. Once it drops below the preheat point *I eject the warm beans into the tray and start the preheat cycle for the next roast, and load the beans when the drum gets back to 75. Second batch and onwards normally starts slower in the HT but by having the beans already warm its solves a lot of that problem.


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    Re: Beans from cold or Preheat

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5A4F585A4D485151505C533D0 link=1275813527/1#1 date=1275909203
    I know folks in the US do this because their power supply is weaker and the HT takes too long otherwise; but Ive never found it necessary in Australia.

    Heating is interesting and people forget the issue of power losses when drawing heavy loads.. That is; losses in teh leads.. A number of posts in teh KKTO and Behmor Coffee Roaster topics etc..

    If possible do not run off extension leads..

    If you have to..Use a heavy duty or at least a 10A rated lead.. Some of teh cheep ones are only rated at 7.5 amp.

    Basic common sense and do not over load one cct..

    Only time I had issues with my HT N was in teh middle of winter and I had found that I had to drop in slightly earlier than teh beep stated. But not by that much; as the temp drops and the HT has to get back to that defined temp to start program.

    My place runs at 240 - 245... My mates place - western suburbs runs 220 - 230...

    The formula has been posted by me previously.. ... That difference in voltage should not be significant..

    Other countries that have poor power regulation (south pacific) may drop to 180 or 200 and that will have an impact.. So things such a Variacs etc should only be considered after consultation with an electrical/ electronics eng.

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