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Thread: Roasting habits

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    Roasting habits

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Quote Originally Posted by 51485E5C3D0 link=1252297618/82#82 date=1277299090
    Quote Originally Posted by 013D203B313027323A31550 link=1252297618/80#80 date=1277255401
    I use about 250g on a normal week so roasting 500g net is sufficient for me.


    Units with a less than 600g green capacity hold no interest for me.
    TG, just trying to get my head around this - am I right in thinking that what you are saying is that you want to be able to roast one single roast of 600g green to yield you 500g roasted (more or less) that you can then split into two 250g lots so that you will only roast once every two weeks? *If so, does this mean that (a) you will drink the same thing two weeks in a row and (b) you have no interest in blending post-roast (including blending two different roasts of the same origin)?

    You know, this roasting habits question probably deserves to be divided into a few separate polls ...

    a) Yes I tend to drink the same thing week in week out.
    Boring I know but I do break it up and occasionally drink a different bean for another 2 weeks. *;D

    b) I dont have zero interest in post roast blending; its just that I dont do much of it.
    I did try blending two different roasts of the same origin very early on in my roasting journey thanks to the suggestion by Mal.

    a) & b) At the moment I have two different origins purchased from a well known roaster; occasionally Ill buy because things got in the way of my need to roast.
    Im lucky that I have some very good roasters close by to get me by when I dont organise myself well enough.

    I also have a very large stock of greens that Im getting through and in there is quite a variety of SOs.
    Im whittling them down to just some favourites; once thats done I may do some more blending.

    By then I hope to have learned more about those favourites, like I do about my staple PMG Kimel.

    (Speaking of the Kimel, I have now roasted over 80 kg at no more than 600g at a time; I think this has helped me learn a lot about my roasting, whereas I imagine a lot of CS will roast a bag of CS green and then another one; not really enough to get a hang of one bean in some cases.)

    Another reason I dont blend much yet is that I still dont think my palate is up to the job.
    Its developed a little over the last few years but I know its still not as discerning as some people on here.

    Yes I could probably do some training but last time I tried that I was hopeless (I know, perseverance).

    The occasional purchase does two things:
    1) Give my palate a break from my usual to prevent dulling.
    2) Give me a professional roast to compare to (even if indirectly).

    So I suppose Im happy on this plateau for now.


    You suggested I answer your question as a separate topic, so here it is.
    I thank you for your interest and now open the floor to others to discuss their habits.

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    Re: Roasting habits

    Hi all

    Regarding habits, I also roast just one or maybe two SOs in my 2 kg HS once a fortnight. I do a 1kg load of each. I then make espressos of the SOs but dont do any blending. The reason why I dont blend is that given the variation in my roasting, grind, tamp and pour I would not be able to disentangle any characteristics of one bean from the others.

    When I was roasting with my Gene Cafe last year I did a few blends but none were any better than a SO and it was just guesswork as to what might go with what. So ended up back at doing just SOs and have continued that mostly for the HG.

    Other habits are that I usually stop at SC for just about anything. By the time I have heard SC and decided that what I heard was definitely SC its time to end so I dont end up off the RHS of the CS card.


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    Re: Roasting habits

    I too tend to stick with a SO, my favourite of late is Indian Tiger Mountain.
    I agree that the variables of roast, grind, tamp and pour would interfere with my abilities to discern differences in levels of blending.
    I roast for some friends and they are more than happy to stick with a SO to drink, would the majority really know the difference between a SO and a Blend?? I would put myself in the same category.

    I just enjoy what i enjoy at both the creation and consumption ends of the spectrum


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    Re: Roasting habits

    Quote Originally Posted by 6B66656B090 link=1277341269/2#2 date=1277348522
    my favourite of late is Indian Tiger Mountain
    One of my favourites as well Mal. ;)

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    Re: Roasting habits

    So much so i just bought another 30kg sack of it. :D

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    Re: Roasting habits

    For me, variety is the spice of life, as they say... ;)

    I really enjoy the variation that all the SOs bring to the cup but I also enjoy a few blends that Ive managed to cobble together over the years so have never fallen into any kind of routine where roasting is concerned. Keeps me on my toes too as different varietals often require quite different roasting profiles to eke out the nuances I particularly enjoy.

    Also, regularly experiment with new blend compositions and profiles too. Mind you, Ive probably got a lot more time on my hands than most so this has all become a very immersive hobby for me and probably why I experiment so much.... :)


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    Re: Roasting habits

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Quote Originally Posted by 406D696568040 link=1277341270/5#5 date=1277375536
    For me, variety is the spice of life, as they say
    Ditto, current stash is 32 or 33 variatels and over 60kg :D roasting level of about 3-4 250g Hottop loads a week and spike this with some commercial bags from time to time for variation or if I am to busy to roast.

    Favourites at present are Yemen or Etheopians but I really like the variation available in my stash.

    Blending a lot less often than I drink my roasts as SOs. I did an end of bags pre roast blend a few weeks ago that was pretty darn good but alas it was the end of some bags so I cant replicate it :( Not really sure that pre roast blending is a great way to go and post roast blending is really a batch size problem if I do them all on the Hottop. If I want 10% of one and 20% of another 1-2kg is not at its best when I get to the end. So I tend to use the Hottop for the larger lots and the Popper or Bowl and heatgun for the smaller lots.

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