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Thread: Green Coffee Beans

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    Green Coffee Beans

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi there, I have recently started home roasting and am on the hunt for some cheap green coffee beans. I am hoping to get them for around $10 a kg with free or very cheap delivery. I live in Perth, so if theres anyone that knows where i can get some pls let me know.
    thanks, kratos06 ;)

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    Re: Green Coffee Beans

    There are quite a few around that amount on Beanbay, see the link on the top left hand side :)

    So far Ive counted 13 beans between $10 and $12.

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    Re: Green Coffee Beans

    Yep, beanbay and pick up from the WA beanbay pickup would be a good bet 8-)

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    Re: Green Coffee Beans

    Hi kratos welcome to the wonderful world of home roasting. Purchase your greens from Beanbay, if you come to pickup freight is very cheap and you get to socialise with fellow coffee roasters and compare roasting experiences.
    cheers gman :)

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    Thanks everyone for your kind input!

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    6 years later, that is quite the delayed response!
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    SPAMSPAMSPAM with a link to a non sponsor in a thread started in 2011 and last replied to in 2017.

    Apart from that, looks legit.
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    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    I particularly like the last sentence, which translates to "Oh by the way diet pills don't work, weight loss / gain boils down to energy in minus energy out".

    Spam with a reality check: who knew?
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