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Thread: Decaf Wow Issues

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    Decaf Wow Issues

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi Gang, I am experiencing some weird problems with this latest batch of Decaf Wow, the first batch I had was hard to roast but this one is really hard. I roast in the fz-rr Baby roaster, manual version, although I think it isnt my technique as my other roasts have been superb, but maybe Decaf requires a different approach.
    Things to note:
    I have previously roasted 2.5kg decaf wow, getting better each roast.
    I have done 50+ roasts with the Baby roaster thus far.

    Ok, so my issues.
    First off, I am getting very odd 1st crack times, sometimes as much as 3 minutes apart, same flame. What is happening is a few loud cracks, then nothing for a while, 45-60 seconds, then a few more, then the majority of beans hit 1st crack, and I drop the flame to very low (10%) as it settles down I am still getting a few more loud cracks 3 minutes after the first lot. By this time, I look in the barrel and there is already some very dark beans, but I cant pull them right away, for the most part they have just hit 1st crack.
    So this morning I decided to drop the flame as soon as the first crack kicked in, and 5 minutes later still getting other loud 1st cracks. I cant win.
    This is a photo of this mornings roast, I tasted the dark beans, they are charcoal.. absolutely killed, while others are barely over 1st crack.
    Please let me know if I am barking up the wrong tree with this one, oh I did try one roast where I started with the flame on low for 5 minutes before ramping it up, the entire roast went for 18 minutes (longer than normal for me) and I still had some burned beans and others spot on.
    I did notice that there are very different sizes of beans in this mix too.. could that be it?

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    Re: Decaf Wow Issues

    I bought a bag of WOW last week too.
    I start to use the "Corretto" and monitor software to roast the wow.

    I can only hear the first crank then the bean start to become too dark and smoking.
    I choose to stop the roast before I heard the 2nd crank.

    I wonder if anyone can give me some advice base on my roast profile and bean?
    The bean is far dark than it looks, maybe the auto white balance affect the photo.

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    Re: Decaf Wow Issues

    attached the bean photo.

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    Re: Decaf Wow Issues

    Gday Colin... :)

    I know its hard to make judgements from a photo, but from the surface appearance of the beans, it looks like they may have just reached the cusp of 2nd-Crack and thats probably perfect... 8-)

    Come back and let us know what you think of the flavours in the cup.... ;)


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    Re: Decaf Wow Issues

    Thanks Mal,
    I have to say the bean looks really dark which biased by auto white balance of camera.

    I wonder if the middle of bean (I dont know how to call that in English) looks burn (or carbonized?)
    It never happen to my roast since I prefer the light roast which offer more flavour and aroma.

    I will try it today to see how it goes.
    Hope I did not waste my first wow.


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    I am struggling with Mexican decaff and it is just one SO bean, after the SW method the bean is soft and delicate.

    can't imagine doing a blend of decaffs, Andy would know, I wonder if he roasts the beans separately the blends them?

    Isn't there about 5-6 beans in that blend?

    I have bought them from him fresh roasted and they were perfect, but like all decaff I have tried they need to be drank fresh as they don't last too long.

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    colinwen: Decaf beans always look burnt in the middle. It's something to do with the swiss water process. To me those look pretty good.

    Ausnadian: I have the motorized fz-rr which I have put a stirrer in and I still get an uneven roast with the Decaf wow. I used to have more problems before I added a stirrer. With yours being a manual I'm not sure that a stirrer would actually help.

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