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Thread: Brazil Mogiana

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    Brazil Mogiana

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    Ive just about used up all of my starter pack but I have a few beans left.
    The first time I roasted the mogiana I didnt really like it until I had let it rest for 3-4 days after roasting, however today I just roasted some quite dark and ground them straight away and they tasted pretty good.
    What do other people think about these beans? Theyre starting to become my favorite of the 4 from my starter pack. Except Ive just about ran out :-)

    I drink all my coffee black with no sugar. Are there any other beans I should look out for? I just randomly picked a couple from the current poll.

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    Re: Brazil Mogiana

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    Hi Steve,

    Unfortunately I cant comment on the Brazil Mogiana, having never tried it, however I have tried several other Brazillian varieties;
    Brazil Cerrado is a mild and slightly sweet bean, doesnt like to be roasted too dark,
    Brazil Ipanema espresso blend was even better as it came, with a definite chocolate finish,
    Brazil Bourbon I wasnt so keen on, but probably didnt get the roast right.

    Now you are on a great journey, there will be some (or lots) surprises along the way, some surprises will be very pleasant, some not so pleasant.
    The trick is to keep some kind of records of what you did and what you liked.

    Your taste preferences are your own, so difficult to recommend but suggest you try some PNG beans if yo havent already, some of the African ones are fantastic also.

    The "Cupping Room" posts are a good place to get some inspiration, and also "Sweet Marias" website has a lot of information on bean types and characteristics.

    Enjoy the journey


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