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Thread: Craaaaazy Popper

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    Craaaaazy Popper

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Got a Crazy Popper in the mail on Monday and today found some time to put it to the task:

    5 different beans:
    Mexico Navan Typica
    Ethiopia Ghimbi
    India Elephant Hills
    Vietnam Son La Arabica
    Peru Ceja de Selma

    Took 100 grams green, which turned into 84 grams brown.
    I am very surprised at this consistency! The popper was totally unmodified, straight out of the box, so especially the Ghimbis small beans were ejected whilst the Mexicos bigger beans pretty much all stayed put.

    I aimed for cs9 each time, and got mixed results.

    Mexico Navan Typica, India Elephant Hills and Peru Ceja de Selma turned out very even CS9, but Ethiopia Ghimbi and to lesser extent Vietnam Son La Arabica came out CS 6-9, so quite mixed result.

    Mexico Navan Typica - first crack 3min, dumped at 6min
    Ethiopia Ghimbi - first crack 2 min, dumped at 5.30 min
    India Elephant Hills - first crack 2:45min, dumped at 7:15 min
    Vietnam Son La Arabica - first crack 3:15min, dumped at 6:30
    Peru Ceja de Selma - first crack 3:10min, dumped at 7 min

    first crack is the very first actual snap. This is then more or less immediately followed by more first crack snaps. I dumped about 10 secs into second crack.

    Cooled by tossing between two bowls in front of fan. The fan was aimed on the popper all the time. The popper got about 10 minutes between the batches to cool. I put the clear plastic hood on back to front, hoping to reduce the errant beans flying out the chute, with limited success. I had bowls under both openings and tossed many errant beans back in.
    I also noticed that the popper needed a nudge ever so often to slide the beans that got thrown onto the ring back into the heat.

    All up, it took me an hour to roast five different beans, document the lot, unpack the popper, set up the table, etc, so very happy with this effective little machine!

    Ive got a Behmor coming my way (yay!), but am still happy to have bought the popper just because its so much fun.

    And that is why I close with some words of warning:

    This is highly addictive business. Ive been roasting for all of three weeks now and Im hardly able to do anything else any more. Maybe this initial enthusiasm will taper off over the years, maybe not. But it is great fun!

    Oh, and the coffee tastes great as well as a friend attested today when we cupped the Mexcio saucepan roast from five days ago!* :D

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    Re: Craaaaazy Popper

    Perhaps to follow up on my own thread: I tried all five of the above roasts at varying times and find that they are all inferior to both saucepan and behmor roasts. The popper seems to take the zing out of the beans. When comparing the popper roast with the behmor or saucepan, its like tasting supermarket bread compared to home-bakes.
    Perhaps Ive not given it enough experimentation, and from the feedback here it seems that plenty of people are very happy with their popper roasts. For now Ill stick with getting the best from the behmor, and even the saucepan will come out again tomorrow morning :)

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    Re: Craaaaazy Popper

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Thats a nice piece of roasting science , Philschl , and the comment about losing the Zing might suggest that a modified popper to spread out the time from say 150 degrees to first crack might be an interesting experiment . Could you manage a bigger initial bean mass and still have an agitated mass in the popper ?
    Back to the Lab ...

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