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Thread: First 3 Roasts

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    First 3 Roasts

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Ok this is my first roast effort. Got home at 1900h, beans had arrived and got straight into it using a Target popper.
    First batch at 80g and 6:07 i think i have stuffed.
    Second at* ** *70g and 6:05 dont look to bad either does
    Third batch at 60g and 6:40min total time,
    What do you think? need to cool down popper??
    Thanks Alot Shane

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    Re: First 3 Roasts

    Quote Originally Posted by 7A766B6B6C696D190 link=1325766275/0#0 date=1325766275
    First batch at 80g and 6:07 i think i have stuffed.
    Brings back fond memories of my first popper roast, almost identical :) :) ;D ;D
    next two looking a lot better
    Happy Roasting :) :) :)

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    Re: First 3 Roasts

    Thanks Greenman others with the Target poppers are getting 17min and im getting 6min. I brough 2 so I might give the other one a go see if its different.

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    Re: First 3 Roasts

    I use 80g with can chimney, 20m extension cord and agitate popper after every 10 seconds for the first 4-5 mins. After more than 15 roasts now Im noticing the popper is well seasoned and "cooler". Im now getting first crack 8-9mins second crack around 18 mins.

    I wait till the popper has completely cooled down before I do my next roast so I dont burn out the element.

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    Re: First 3 Roasts

    roast 2 and 3 looks pretty good

    the poppers ive had myself got a bit slower the more i used them, but I was never lucky enough to even get to 6 minutes

    still try the first roast, it doesnt look near as overdone as my first one in my behmor

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    Re: First 3 Roasts

    Well I had my first ever roast tonight! A Colombian Volcan Galeras Supremo in the Behmor. After trawling through Coffee Snobs for as much info as possible, I ended up going with 280g set on 1lb P2 B.

    Having never even seen a roast done before I didnt quite no what to expect - I think first crack started at around 11.30 (8.30 roast time). After I thought it had died down, I propped the door ajar with the supplied brush for a bit to try and extend the time to second crack. When I thought it might be close, I closed the door again. second crack was around 8.40 (11.20 gone) and I immediately hit cool. After a few seconds (I think!) I opened up the door to quicken cooling (nice lot of chaff!) and let it run to the end of the cooling cycle.

    I was left with 235g of roasted beans which is a nice size I reckon. The colour looks pretty good to me but Im not too sure - would love to have your opinions. Cant wait to try it!

    Thanks to Andy for the great service - I ordered the Behmor in the early hours of Thursday morning and it arrived to me yesterday morning (I know Im only up the highway!).

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    Re: First 3 Roasts

    I reckon you got a great looking roast there.
    Am sure it would taste great too.
    You may find it will taste better on the 3-4th day onwards.
    First few days they are de-gassing, but certainly it would be helpful to you if you taste it each day to note the changes.

    Corrupt (shane), i agree with the others about the 2nd n 3rd pics being better looking.
    Dont throw away any of those beans though.
    Try all of them so you know the differences between each one.
    Its what you like that counts.

    Same as wines.
    I cant tell my customers they shouldnt be drinking red wine with fish, or white wine with a beefy steak, for example.
    Only if they ask me, then i can offer suggestions as to food/wine matching.

    Enjoy your coffee journey. :) We look forward to more.

    Gary at G

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    Re: First 3 Roasts

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Thats not looking to bad ! yes i agree and would wait a few days before drinking and see how the taste changes the more the beans are aged...!

    enjoy the roasting :D

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