Hi all,

Firstly, sorry if this is the wrong spot for this (couldnt see the section for "begging others for greens you missed out on!").

Late last year I had the privelige of travelling to Dili through work, and with a full schedule, sadly I never quite got to visit the coffee markets (they did sell pre-packed, pre-roasted local beans at the airport, so I grabbed a 500gm pack on the way out of the country... was the best I could do!).*

With a new found affection for the country, and knowing that coffee is a key industry of East Timor, I was keen to try some of their wares, and somehow missed Novembers Beanbay (in fact, I think I might still have been on my way home from Dili at the time!)*

So, in short, just wondering if anyone stocked up on Timor greens back in November, and would be willing to sell some to me* :D* *Otherwise I wait till next November when Andy *might* get more Timor-Leste stock* :(*

Thanks all!