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Thread: Minties Moment No.73 - the home roaster

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    Minties Moment No.73 - the home roaster

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Scene: beautiful Australia Day afternoon (well, raining actually, but were still recovering from the drought out here!)
    The blend is a 50/50 PNG and Gambella. All loaded up in the DBC corretto.
    Made some slight adjustments in technique this time to get a more consistent temp rise to second crack, and it is working a treat! An almost straight line to just before first crack; just the right temperature drop to slow the rise into but still give a spectacular rolling first crack; nice even, gentle rise to second crack. The aroma coming from the pan is intoxicating! The light crackles start at 222 and the first snap of second crack comes at 224 - time to go!
    Still a bit distracted by that beautiful looking profile curve. Sweeeet! Thats the best one so far, I could use a straight edge on that one…
    Pull the probe, kill the BM cycle, lid off, transfer then starting dumping the beans into the bean cooler… but wait! Whats that noise? Ooooowwww! And whats that!
    Hot beans start firing all over the garage - into my thongs, off the car, crackling and popping all over the concrete floor…

    … the mesh cooler basket still sits forlornly on top of the motorbike seat in the corner with my CS card - while the Heller exhaust fan does its best impersonation of the Macap…

    Ever had one of those moments? ;D


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    Re: Minties Moment No.73 - the home roaster

    I had a similar incident.

    I am using an old garden blower vac, on suction to cool the beans. I cut down the tube to make it shorter, fitted a bucket, and the sieve sits inside the bucket.

    One time I was cooling the beans and the sieve swivelled inside the bucket, and the vac sucked in a handful of beans. Man, it just pulversied the beans into tiny fragments and spat them out everywhere, like a sand blaster!! Still continually finding bits of beans all over the place!!


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    Re: Minties Moment No.73 - the home roaster

    Behmor Coffee Roaster

    Does make the garage smell good though!

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