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Thread: What went wrong?!?!

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    What went wrong?!?!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,

    Long time lurker, first time poster, so go easy!* :)

    A little background: Have been roasting for a few months now (have about 50 odd roasts under my belt) and was consuming them on a Saeco Superautomatic machine.

    Recently, I ended up getting a Rocky / Silvia combo and was thoroughly enjoying the depth and flavor I was getting compared to my previous machine... Had 3-4 good roast batches tested on the machine... when one fine day, things just started to go wrong.

    All of a sudden, I started to get sour, ten second, quickly blonding pulls, no matter how fine I grinded the beans.* I tried everything... grinding / dosing improvements (Im still new, so that could very well be it!), tamping gently, tamping the heck out of it... Different baskets... EVERYTHING.

    I didnt suspect the roast going bad because I had roasted two batches together and was getting similar results on both.* However, just to check, I went out and bought some standard arabica off the shelf.* Dont even know the age of the beans, but they smelled ok upon opening the bag... and voila!* A perfect 23 second pull.

    What could have gone wrong?* I could post more details as to what profile I used, roasting times, etc...* But Im curious if anyone has any clues with just this much information.

    I use a GeneCafe, btw.

    Thanks in advance...

    Fauzi Garib

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    Re: What went wrong?!?!

    Quote Originally Posted by 7A7D6966757B7D6E757E1C0 link=1329111168/0#0 date=1329111168
    when one fine day, things just started to go wrong.
    Uhhhh, WRONG. ;)

    Something changed. :( Find out what it was and change it back. :)

    Roast depth, age, grinder adjustments, cleanliness--there are lots of options. If the new beans were bought off a supermarket shelf, they are stale and not a good standard for how fresh beans will work. Your previous success with your home roast is a good standard.


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    Re: What went wrong?!?!

    Behmor Coffee Roaster

    Thanks for writing!

    I see what youre saying, and that is why its taken me so long to come here. Was trying to figure out what it possibly could be... but have come to the conclusion that something went wrong in both roasts.

    Let me ask more specifically: What would the symptom in your coffee extraction be for either under-roasted or over-roasted coffee?

    Im afraid i may have underd the first batch and overd the second... but still may not explain the symptoms Im getting.

    Curious to hear your inputs.


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