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Thread: Roasting profile espresso vs milk based drinks

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    Roasting profile espresso vs milk based drinks

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    Hi all,

    Ive been experimenting for just over a week now, first with Ethiopian Gimbi, then a bit of Peruvian and Columbian.

    All my roasts I pull off at around the second crack mark, the Gimbi and Peruvian at the start of SC, the Columbian at the start of rolling second crack. As a result the Peru Ceja is about a CS7 (if the card starts at CS0 - green) and the Columbian Volcan about a CS8.5.

    I find the Gimbi an excellent sweet shot, and the Peru Ceja sweet and earthy, in ristretto. The second I drop milk into these shots the coffee disappears, lacking body. Im guessing I will have to up the roast to about a CS9/10 to get something that would pull through in milk?

    Both beans are around the four day post roast mark.

    As I drink mainly milk based, can anyone recommend a blend I can use with the Peru Ceja? I have PNG Wahgi, Brazil Pulped, and the Columbian Volcan to play with. Im guessing the roast would have to be darker to counter the sweetness of the Peruvian?

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! :)

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    Re: Roasting profile espresso vs milk based drinks

    I believe the card starts at CS1 and goes up to CS12?

    edit: yup

    Im doing dark roasts with the Peru and Columbian and they are nice in milk as well as espresso.

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    Re: Roasting profile espresso vs milk based drinks

    Thanks Dave,

    I knew I saw a thread outlining the CS card - just couldnt find it. Just tried the Columbian at CS9 with milk - rather good: nice balance, a bit of body, not enough - but on the right track, should improve with a few days in the bag. Was rather cocoa/chocy in espresso form.

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    Re: Roasting profile espresso vs milk based drinks

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    I had the Peru and Wahgi as a 50/50 blend for a while roasting in a coretto until CS9. It was very nice, but they are very similar tasting beans, which fitted my desire of a smooth, chocolately tasting coffee.

    I have since moved onto a Peru (50%), Ethiopian (25%) and Indian (25%) blend, which both my wife and I find fantastic....We drink milk based coffees 95% of the time.

    I roast a 600g batch every 10 days and this has been working very well for our needs. I roast everything in the coretto at once and find that they roast fairly evenly. Taking them to just after second crack gives me a consistent CS9, with only the Indian (i think) being closer to a CS8. Consistently getting 1st crack at 12m30s and 2nd crack @ 17m, pulling them no later than 17m45s.

    I only roast lighter if Im taking some beans into work and they will be getting used in a french press. I find the above blend works well as an espresso as I am partial to same first thing in the morning. I drink about 6 coffees a day.

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