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Thread: Plastic in coretto pan

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    Plastic in coretto pan

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    Ive just setup my "coretto" roaster and I"ve done a couple of roasts which were pretty ok, but smells strange.

    I have seen that its plastic inside the pan ( in the hole below the paddle ), and I tried to get it away by using a knife. I managed to get almost everything away except a little.

    Have anyone had the same problem and how is it possible to get rid of everything?

    Maybe I can use the heat gun to burn it away? Or will it be hard to get the burnt plastic/smell away afterwards?

    All hints welcome :)

    Here is an image, its the red plastic in the hole i want to get rid of in some way. Its so narrow there so i cant get everything out with a knife.

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    Re: Plastic in coretto pan

    That is the Teflon coating

    Most consider it a health risk & recommend that you remove the lot from the entire pan


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    Re: Plastic in coretto pan

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    Ok i will try to remove to teflon with sandpaper. But if you look closely in the hole , there is a red plastic ring around the hole which is impossible to get away with a knife. Do you think its possible to burn it away?

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