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Thread: First HG Roast

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    First HG Roast

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    Decide to have a go at my first roast. Bought some Sulawesi Kalosie and measured out 2 cups and fired up the newly bought Ozito. Also bought a stainless steel frypan as close to a dogbowl as I could get so I had a handle to assist the bean cooling process. Due to mass of the frypan I used a small gas burner underneath to start the ball rolling.

    Was just getting to first crack with chaff and beans going all over the garage (heat gun was blowing beans out of bowl) when "poof", "sparks" came out of the heat gun. :o Seconds later it expired completely. :(

    So turned the gas up and finished the roast as best as I could from heat underneath. Not such a good start. Roast was uneven and I couldnt tell whether the cracks were first or second as they were going on during the whole process.

    With so much mess about I didnt think much harm would be done if I had a go at a second batch of Dominican Republic Soliman. Just used the frypan wok style with a whisk to do the stirring. Everything went smoothly except for the uneven roast and no clear distinction between first and second crack. Some beans were black enough to have been through second crack. Total roast time was 15mins in both roasts.

    Rested the beans 24 hours and today ground up the Sulawesi in the Mazzer and put them through the Veneziano. Considering the muck ups, in a milk drink the Sulawesi tasted good, though not as good as a Five Senses fresh cuban blend which I have been using over the last few days. :) Lots of body but a little one dimensional as you might expect of a single origin.

    Not such a good start or as easy as some have found it. Would be interested to know how even a good HGunner can get the roast and how do you stop the beans going everywhere when the HG is close to the beans?

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    Re: First HG Roast

    Im still a newbie at the HG but have found that the angle of the HG changes how the beans are blown. What i have found to work is having the air from the HG blowing straight toward the center of the dish/wok and not along the edges as it make them swirl right out of the bowl. I cant get the beans very even but am still new at the HG so its probably just me

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    Re: First HG Roast

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    Im a newbie too. I roasted two 300g batches this afternoon. I must have a wussy heatgun...? GMC Platinum 2000w 2 speed temp adjustable. I havent had a problem with blowing beans out the collander so far. I am fond of using an air diffuser that came with the HG. It is a triangular sort of vacuum cleaner head, shaped thing. I attached it because I thought the slightly wider stream of air would help even up the roast just a tad... Hard to say if it helps because Ive only done 4 roasts and have used the attachement every time. The collander Im using (CIB) is relatively deep, so maybe that helps keeps the beans in?

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