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Thread: My First Roast!

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    My First Roast!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hello all, have been watching a while but not posting, (havent had much to add), but now i feel it would be criminal not to share with my fellow CSers my joy at the results of my first roast ;D. *I decided to skip the popcorn roaster and set up a very basic coretto system *::)

    And yes i did put the heat gun into the breadmaker! ;)

    For my first roast i used 300gms of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Green Beans, here is about 2 minutes into the roast:

    about 5 mins:

    then i started getting first time jitters so just stood there watching!! *;D

    Here is my VERY basic cooling set up:

    I adjusted the fan from the heatgun to the collander to provide both blow from the top and exhaust from below, it seemed to work acceptably taking about 2 1/2 minutes to cool the roasted beans.

    Here are the rough temperatures used:
    mins * * temp
    1 * * * * 68
    2 * * * * 90
    3 * * * * 105
    4 * * * * 115
    5 * * * * 126
    6 * * * * 130
    7 * * * * 140
    8 * * * * 150
    9 * * * * 165
    10 * * * 170
    11 * * * 173
    12 * * * 184 * *First crack (temperatures seem low but not sure if thats the case or if multimeter out)
    13 * * * 191
    14 * * * 208
    15 * * * 204
    16 * * * 208 *start of second crack removed from heat and dumped in cooling unit!

    here was the final product:

    I then couldnt wait more than 2 days and so today tried my first shot....pause for joyful remembrance!

    I expected a bit of sour ness, but was very pleasantly suprised here is my first pull:

    I have no clue how to really describe it: when grinding the aroma was very full and complex. *It was a clean taste, that filled my mouth very nicely, subtle flavours with a lovely aftertaste. *

    Well thats about it really, *thankyou all for the wealth of information, experience and passion: I am fully addicted! ::)

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    Re: My First Roast!

    Welcome Andieman.... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    Well mate, if thats your first roast it looks pretty fantastic from here; your roast profile looks close to ideal as well. Remember to keep records of each roast you do so that you have something to fall back on when attempting to replicate or alter subsequent roasts to suit your palate.

    That espresso looks very tempting too mate 8-)

    All the best,

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    Re: My First Roast!

    Welcome to the world of Corretto Andie, your roast looks spot on and the espresso and colour of crema looks very appetising.
    Taste your roast each day and notice the subtle changes as it degasses.

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    Re: My First Roast!

    Good job Andieman.

    That first crack temp is OK; about what Id expect.

    Im always worried about the heat backing up over the gun, so Ill have to try that deflecter on the next roast.

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    Re: My First Roast!

    Thank you for the encouragement and the advice, i can honestly say there was a lot of reading and thinking before i tried the whole deal. Thanks also to peter for the spreadsheet it gave me a benchmark to work around! I am going to start a second roast with the Yirg. and see if i can take it a little darker and compare. Heres to WAY too much fun!!!!!

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    Re: My First Roast!

    Excellent work, top looking roast and great looking espresso.

    Your profile looks spot-on and while your 1st & 2nd crack temperatures are a little low as long as they always read in the same place it doesnt matter.

    Great 1st effort.


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    Re: My First Roast!

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Top roast Andieman, its good to see you started with a corretto.

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