Another roast today, exciting!

Tried the next of my new beans, Uganda Bugisu A Grade (washed).

Did my standard profile, 350g400P5manual. P3 C D at FC. Stop 3 or 30s after end FC.

First batch was slightly darker and had a higher weight loss than anticipated, 16.28%, so for the second batch I stopped bang on the end of FC. Weight loss 15.71%.

Both roasts went really well, and no issues! They really started to take off around FC, but the P3 (50% heat) really brought it down to a good steady rate WITHOUT stalling (finally!).

Happy with how they went and look.


Also did another of my samples, a Honduras Intibuca. THIS was a weird roast, and I'm not sure what happened...

Did the usual, FC started, but I didn't hear RFC at all... I upped it to P4 (75%) and still nothing. The cracks sort of just petered out at some stage I didn't really even recognise.. Just stopped it about 1m30s after start of FC... really odd. Ended up looking okay, maybe a bit light for espresso but am keen to try it.

I've also been preheating just until the internal temp is about 25, just to have everything start roughly at the same temp (I know the true ambient temp outside etc will have an effect still, but just to get some semblance of consistency inside the roaster).

One odd thing... the first roast didn't really have much of that dip that usually happens on the graph, the second one sort of did, then the third absolutely had the dip. Don't think the probe was in a different place at all... very odd, not sure what accounts for that!

Shall do the time of 7 days rest methinks... looking forward to trying them!