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Thread: roast beans for filter/plunger/espresso

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    roast beans for filter/plunger/espresso

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    is there general rules/roasting profile for roasting green beans for different final uses e.g. espresso, plunger, filter & syphon. Is there beans that is well suit for all three above? Sometime friends visit me from oversea and bring me coffee beans as gift eg. from malaysia, the thing is not labelled and I just cant get espresso quality from it, is there a way to find out what it is roasted for? it would make the job easier, thanks

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    Re: roast beans for filter/plunger/espresso

    Hello SC,

    For me, a lighter roast is a better roast for plunger/syphon. And slightly darker for espresso/stove-top. And by the terms light roast/dark roast l mean: lighter roast= lower finish temperature, darker roast = higher finishing temperature. It is difficult to tell by sight what is an espresso roast and what is a syphon roast.

    If you cant get quality espresso from it, there may be a few factors. It may not be roasted for espresso, it may be old/stale, the flight may have adversely affected the beans....

    Try using it through a syphon/plunger and see how you go


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    Re: roast beans for filter/plunger/espresso

    Traditionally the darker roasts are used for Espresso and the like. However there are some fairly nice blends about that outside of this parameter eg: just finished a Espresso Blend form Square Mile and the beans are no where near the tradition roast colour you would expect. Look indentical to my pour over roasts. The short blacks are brighter as you would expect and the lighter flavour also cut through the milk.
    Like all things in coffee, see what you like best ;)


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    Re: roast beans for filter/plunger/espresso

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    As the other members have suggested, different bean varieties will often favour particular roast depths depending on your aims and the particular bean in question.

    Only way to know which combinations really do it for you, is to experiment with small roast batches taken to different roast depths and then make a decision. Thats what makes home roasting so much fun, you get to roast beans exactly how you want em, not according to what someone else thinks you will like.

    Experimentation is fun.... :) 8-)


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