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Thread: rare beans ready to be roasted

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    rare beans ready to be roasted

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    hi guys, im new on this forum and i found it by click from link to link on wiki.

    i was looking around for advices coz i got a bag of some rare beans in capo verde... yknow i could drink this nice special coffee when i was traveling from island to island so when i had the chance to go on the top of the volcano where cap verdians harvesters produce it i bought a bag of this green beans.

    now im back home and would be a great satisfaction to be able to complete the coffes beans preparation and drinkem all... eheh

    i thought i can use my antique stove and roast it using wood. considering that ive been in those places where they even roast it i can tell you they have just rudimentary devices.

    sorry for this long run writing ithought it was nice to tell you how i got this unknow beans

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    Re: rare beans ready to be roasted

    Welcome Truciolo

    Interesting. I doubt if any of us have roasted beans from this area and it is hard to provide advice on the best way to roast them. So the best advice I can offer is to just give it a go.
    Theres a link here on pan-roasting coffee which will give you some idea of how to go about it. The only problem with using your wood-fired stove is that you cant control the heat as easily as for electric or gas stove but, according to the article, you need a low heat

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    Re: rare beans ready to be roasted

    Welcome truciolo!,
    Quite an opening story!, stovetop can be used but probably not the best means to get the most out of your beans, id recommend a popper, details on how to use a popcorn popper can be found here;

    Another cheap option to start roasting is a heatgun, bowl and a wooden spoon, use the search function to find some tips on how to do it.

    Then you get into the KK Turbo roaster;

    And the Corretto roaster found here:

    BBQ roasters;

    etc etc etc
    that should give you some reading material ;D

    Once again welcome to the world of Coffeesnobs!


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    Re: rare beans ready to be roasted

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    thank you so much, Ill give it a look and then Ill decide what to do considering the kind of fire, pan ecc... I have available...

    Ill tell ya how it taste like and trouble Ill have found along the process.

    talk to you soon

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