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Thread: Popcorn popper with adjustable temperature

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    Popcorn popper with adjustable temperature

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    hi guys, i have only just started roasting at home with a 1100watt popper. roasts dont seem to take that long and i was wondering... if i modified the popper to have adjustable temperature control i could reduce the temperature and extend the roasting time, could it produce a better quality roast?

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    Re: Popcorn popper with adjustable temperature

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs Bickys.

    If you do a search you will find lots of answers to your question.
    Dont forget to change the default setting to more than one week.

    In a nutshell though, unless youre an electronics genius (Im not) the heating element is linked to the fan and lowering the temperature usually also slows the fan which leads to other problems.

    And yes, if you can lengthen the roast time youll get a better roast.

    Its all been done before; which popper do you have?

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    Re: Popcorn popper with adjustable temperature

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    As Thundergod says - search the forums. There is a posting somewhere I made on adding a PID controller to a popper. So the short answer is "yes, you can change the temperature".

    The downside is that you need to do it in a fairly tricky way. The fan must run continuously and that means you need to build an external power supply for the fan. They do a particularly cheap thing to get the 20 to 30V the fan needs - they use the heating element as a resistive divider.

    Poppers dont last exceptionally long when you make them take longer to complete the roast either. The fan is a plastic impeller which is a push fit on the motor shaft. When you extend the roast time, the motor shaft heats up more than it normally would and the fan basically falls off the shaft.... I have 4 poppers in my shed....


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