Has anyone tried double roasting? I mean in the sense of roasting twice for a darker roast with less damage to the beans than you would get when you progress too far past 2nd crack.

Ive only done this once and I was quite surprised that it actually worked.

What I did:

I used 300gms of Yirg in my 2Ltr SS saucepan and hit it with the trusty Ozito HG. Basically I roasted until the majority of the chaff had burnt or blown off and the beans had doubled in size and had a very pale brown colour (before 1st crack).

Dumped the beans into my cooler and cooled down for 30secs so that I could put my hand into them without any uncomfortable heat.

Then back into the pot and roast again (I stopped at the first hint of 2nd crack) You still get the same indicators with the sound of 1st and 2nd crack but I found that the roast was as full as what I would get going through 2nd crack but I didnt damage any beans.

The taste of this was pretty much what I expected but I would be interested to hear of anyone elses experimentation in this area. (Im not going to try and tell you what it tastes like as I lack experience in cupping and have had limited exposure to the range of beans available).