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Thread: USB Temperature Data Logger - Changing the fuse

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    USB Temperature Data Logger - Changing the fuse

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1639332E570 link=1309049489/10#10 date=1326177365
    You might want to take some pictures along the way to post up in a new thread?* That will make it easier for the next person too.

    Here you go, Andy. I have no idea how to use the html efficiently so I made an attachment instead.

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    Re: USB Temperature Data Logger - Changing the fuse

    Nice work Bertaccio!

    Thats helpful documentation on changing the fuse in the data logger and Im sure it will save someone else grief down the track.

    For others...
    The symptoms are that the meter reads ambient temperature but nothing on the probe. This could be caused by testing voltage across the wrong ports on the meter and is fixed by changing the fuse.

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    I just discovered this thread after I had already changed the fuse in my datalogger.

    I would recommend NOT undoing the three screws securing the rotary switch marked in the attached image:

    I did so, and the switch came apart. In attempting to reinstall the detent balls I managed to spray them around them around my room. Fortunately the local bike shop had 1/8" steel balls.

    If the screws are left, you can gently pry the two PCBs apart, there is a square drive goes into the rotary switch and this should be able to be separated fairly readily.


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    Anyone got a copy of the directions for changing the fuse, the attachment seems to have gone missing.


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    Here's the file you're looking for.

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