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Thread: Robusta or Arabica?

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    Robusta or Arabica?

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    This is probably a stupid question ( Andy best qualified to answer) but.... according to Wikipedia all coffees are either Arabica or Robusta type.

    But in Bean Bay descriptions of green beans it never mentions which type they are.

    Is it helpful to know? Am i missing something?

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    Re: Robusta or Arabica?

    They are all arabica varieties unless Andy specifies them as robusta.

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    Re: Robusta or Arabica?

    Arabica and Robusta are not the only types of coffee. Theyre simply the most common types. As flynn_aus says though all beans sold in BeanBay are Arabica unless otherwise stated.

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    Re: Robusta or Arabica?

    Quote Originally Posted by 2E3E2938383E292D2E354C0 link=1328662081/0#0 date=1328662081
    .... according to Wikipedia all coffees are either Arabica or Robusta type.*
    While your specific question has been answered already ... youve actually mis-read the wikipedia entry.

    If you want more info from wikipedia - search or follow links for "coffee species", "coffea" (spelled with an a) , "coffee plant" and "species".

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    Re: Robusta or Arabica?

    Ive always heard that arabica are better quality and have a lower caffeine content but I actually like the bitterness of robusta. Is it just me? Maybe its the tolerance to caffeine that Ive built up over the years that has me craving something stronger./\/

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    Re: Robusta or Arabica?

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    Arabica is certainly better.
    But there is good quality Robustas as well. Dont expect much though.
    Dont forget also that 3/4ths of production is Arabicas. Majority is low quality. Arabica alone doesnt mean much.

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