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Thread: Resting time for decaff

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    Resting time for decaff

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    After getting to the stage where I had roasted more than enough for just a week, I found that many beans were quite tasty with a bit more resting time than the generally suggested minimum of 48 hours, as has been noted by many others :)

    Now Im thinking that my decaff roasts seem to benefit from quite a bit more resting time, more like say a monsooned malabar or robusta. Seems like they can come good around 7-10 days, not sure for how long they stay good yet ;)

    Was wondering if due to the water processing to remove the caffeine, there is some justification for longer resting time?

    Anybody got any thoughts on this challenging situation?
    Oh and roast profile is another area where they definitely differ, very easy to over roast ::) :-[


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    Re: Resting time for decaff

    Hey Bullitt,

    I roast a reasonable amount of Decaf - for my wife and customers.... The SWP decaf is quite a tricky bean to roast and you must keep a very keen eye and ear (The cracks are quite mutted and hard to hear)... as for resting... yeh, not too sure... I find after 2 days rest you need to run the grinder quite finer than normal caff to get a decent extraction/\/pour.... This is my observation and experience...


    PS... I find roasting the decaf to just at the very start of 2nd give good results...

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    Re: Resting time for decaff

    Hi there

    i have been roasting decaf (for a friend, i dont drink unleaded) for some time, i have done at least 5+ Kilos now. I dont think the resting time is any different to normal coffee.

    And i do agree with Bullitt about stopping just at the start of 2nd, and sometimes before and you get really good very chocolate coloured beans, and a great flavour according to my mate.

    Previously he he would by beans from the local coffee shop suppliers and generally they are very well roasted, very shiny and oily and when ground you get a burnt smell joining in the other smells.

    Stopping the roast earlier we have found that you get all the flavour and none of that burnt dark roast flavours that most of the suppliers arrive at with decaf, i think some of the commercial people think that because people drink decaf they have no concept of taste. My mate also thinks this because he struggles to find any other style beans that are decaff, he just kept getting told it was decaff and nothing about the bean that was actually used.

    I prefer to roast normal coffee (super) and generally do a blend of a 3rd of each of the following, colombian, brazil santos and indian cherry robusta and roast until just on 2nd crack and occasionally into a rolling 2nd but try and stop when the beans are a nice chocolate brown colour. It is a blend and roast style that the war dept *;D here at home really enjoys drinking.


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    Re: Resting time for decaff

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Yep... well said Mal... spot on!!... and very true about most local roasters and decaf... they generally char it..

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