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Thread: Anyone had experience with Monsoon Malabar in an FZ-RR-700?

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    Anyone had experience with Monsoon Malabar in an FZ-RR-700?

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    I received an FZ-RR-700 today and have a kilo of Monsoon Malabar to play with. Wondering / hoping that someone has tried this combo and may be able to offer guidance.

    From my (very minimal) understanding, the FZ-RR-700 roasts differently to other methods. Once cooled, the beans can be used immediately.
    I also understand (same minimal applies) that Monsoon Malabar is a different bean to most, in part due to being exposed to rain and wind which causes the beans to swell and lose acidity. It needs resting for much longer than other beans.

    Which makes me think that some of the standard advice on roasting/resting may not apply to this combo.

    As always, any help will be much appreciated.



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    I find that its window of usablness post roast is short between 6-9 days, but nice when good

    But this is from a comercial roaster

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    i have been sample roasting this bean on the Baby a number of times to different roast depths before adding it to a blend.

    Best experience is a gentle start in the application of heat. Start with medium heat to dry the beans til you start to see the beans change color. Increase heat til just before first crack, then back to medium.
    Into first crack, turn heat down to medium to low, depending on how big your gas stove element is. Coast until first signs of second crack, and cool straightaway.

    There's hardly any chaff with these.

    Depending on how light or how dark you take it, 10 days is a good rest time for the MM, regardless of roasting tool.

    My experience with other beans, especially hard beans like Ethiopian high growns, require substantial heat from the start.

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    I have both the FZ-RR-700 Baby Roaster and Monsooned Malabar roasting experience (though not in the Baby Roaster). You are right in that both the Baby and MM are rather unique. The MM will usually come out lighter so don't roast by colour. Probably to the start of second crack.

    Yes, you can drink a Baby roast immediately but I've never tried. I prefer at least two days with 4 days being the best for me. Yes, the MM needs a longer rest but using the Baby might shorten that. A kg of MM means you have 5 roasts to find out.
    Many of us prefer to blend with MM.
    Anyway, do a forum search on Monsooned Malabar; there's been lots written about it.

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    A big thanks to all of you - that's very helpful info. And, flynnaus, as you say, I have 5 roasts to find out. I'll incorporate the suggested roasting techniques and should have enough to try it at intervals of 0-2-4-6-8-10-12-14 days.

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