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Thread: RIP - Roasting in Parchment

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    RIP - Roasting in Parchment

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    Read a page on Sweet Maria's about Roasting in Parchment. A relo, just returned from South America also mentioned that he saw the locals roasting beans in a fry pan, with the parchment still covering the beans.

    As I sometimes bludge some beans from friends who grow coffee in Queensland, I thought I'd give it a try. So I've just done a small batch in the sample roaster.... Couldn't hear cracks, and had surprisingly little chaff.

    The batch looks weird - I took it to Full City (but largely guesswork as I couldn't easily check the beans themselves).

    These are occasional spots of oil visible on the parchment but I won't know what it tastes like until it's rested a few days.

    I'll keep y'all advised

    Anyone else done any RIP?


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    It's not an option for imported beans in Australia...
    Parchment is one of the things that gets your coffee junked by AQIS at the docks because too many nasties can live between the parchment and the bean.

    So your mate in QLD is going to be your best source.

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    Yes, I can see the problem. I've just tasted the roast. Nothing spectacular. Compared to the same beans with the parchment removed, there's more body, and I think a little sweeter - caramel flavours. Quite nice, but clearly not an option for other than domestic beans. Also needed to clean the grinder afterwards.

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