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Thread: Yemen Bani Ismail in a popper?

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    Yemen Bani Ismail in a popper?

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    Just wondering if anyone has given this a go in a popper with success? Tried a few searches but no joy.

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    I haven't tried it but Yemen BI can take a bit of heat so it might go OK. Give it a try.

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    Yep, works really well in a popper...

    So long as your popper isn't uber-fast, and then pull the beans and cool as soon as you hear the first few snaps of 2nd-Crack. After bagging, give 'em a couple of days to settle and for flavour development, then you're good to go.

    Terrific coffee....


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    Great! picked up the second last 2.5kg bag of the Yemen, and a bag of Harrar too.

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