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Thread: Indian MM Gold Roasting Struggle

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    Indian MM Gold Roasting Struggle

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    Hi All,

    I'm trying to roast the Indian Monsoon Malabar on my new i-roast 2....and struggling. Way over cooking it. I'm gathering it needs to be a slow gentle roast due to lack of moisture in the bean? Would this be right?

    If anyone has an idea of a program i could set, or temps to roast it at on my i-roast. it would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks

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    Hi Cowpunk
    Have you tried a search through the Cupping Room thread? Whenever I get a new bean, I always head there to get a ballpark idea how others have roasted it, even if it is not the exact same type. I haven't got any MM currently, but plan to order some next round - so I'll be heading there too!

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    IMO all the monsooned beans seem to go very quickly from 1st crack to 2nd. So I always back off the heat just at the first snaps of 1st crack and then almost coast into the very first snap of 2nd, then a quick cool.

    I use a Gene Café, so I can't help with the I-roast specifics.


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    I have to agree with the above post after 1st crack i drop the temp quite a bit. My first two atempts at this bean where failures due to not dropping the heat. I use a corretto to roast.

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