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Thread: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Special Prep

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    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Special Prep

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    Just after some advice. I just roasted some Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for the first time in the Behmor. 300g with settings 1 lb P2.

    first crack at about 12:19 which seemed to go forever I thought it had finished at about 14.05 things went quiet. But I still got a few more first crack right up to 15:40. Worried that I had missed second crack and not wanting to burn over cook the beans i hit cool.

    The beans are about a cs8 or 9 and mostly have some chaff in the split. Drinkable no doubt and probably good.

    What are other peoples experiences with roasting this bean? Do they typically have a long break between first crack and second crack? Is there often chaff in the bean split?

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    Thanks for the link.

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