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Thread: HeatSnob Temperature Data Logger Thermocouple and Roast Monitor USB software

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    CoffeeSnobs Owner Andy's Avatar
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    Mar 2004

    HeatSnob Temperature Data Logger Thermocouple and Roast Monitor USB software

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    HeatSnob - Accurate Temperature Monitoring

    The CoffeeSnobs USB Temperature Data Logger has now been replaced by a smaller, neater device called HeatSnob.

    HeatSnob works with CoffeeSnobs Roast Monitor software and Roast Monitor will work with a mixture of HeatSnob units and the previous meters. You can run up to 9 temperature monitors although 2 or 3 is enough for most people. Bean temperature, air temperature and exhaust temperature are the 3 most common areas to monitor but you could also add cooling tray or ambient temperature if you can use that data too.

    This meter and software has been installed on 1000s of different PCs all over the planet and everyone I know that run it are getting much more consistent results using this logging and replicating.

    Tested as working well on:
    • Win98SE
    • Windows XP Pro
    • Windows XP Home
    • Vista Business
    • Windows 7 (32bit)
    • Windows 7 (64 bit)
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 10

    Mac? I have been told that it works fine using Parallels for Mac.
    (We still suggest you are far better off getting a low-end PC which will run this fine)

    Not working well on:
    • VMware (suffers from disconnections during the roast)
    • Linux. Sorry, but I doubt it will run on Linux until Sun Java gets a working USB library for Linux, Mac and Windows.

    You can scrounge an old PC for next to nothing these days. *The hardware requirements of the software is very low and it will run on just about any Windows PC with a USB port. *Finding an old notebook (with 1024px resolution) is often a great way to use this roasting tool.

    This is a true plug and play hardware device, Windows automagically loads its own driver for it and it appears in Device Manager as a HID without mucking about with serial device driver files and having to know baud rates and com ports.

    Where to buy?

    The USB Temperature Datalogger is available in BeanBay "Other Stuff" now.
    CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay - Other Stuff - HeatSnob Temperature Data Logger

    Software Download

    You can get the Roast Monitor software V2.62 (MAY 2018)
    (RoastMonitor.exe - 2666KB) for this meter from:
    or if you need a ZIP file then use:

    After downloading, run the installer and follow the simple prompts.

    The installer will:
    * Place a Roast Monitor icon on your desktop
    * Install into Program Files (x86)
    * Saved profiles, logs and preferences will be under Documents/CoffeeSnobs

    This will make future updates cleaner and easier, leaving the previous profiles and settings and only updating the program.

    Roast Monitor uses Java for the display, if you don't have Java then you need to download it from Oracle (free download): Download Free Java Software

    Roast Monitor User Guide

    This excellent user guide was put together by CSr GrahamK for the older meter version but should help new users and existing ones get up to speed with the features pretty quickly.
    450Kb Word Doc.
    Thanks Graham* 8-)

    Revision Notes:
    Detailed revision notes are included in the download.

    • Nearly every problem reported in the last eight years was fixed by downloading and installing current versions of Java

    This would be a great time to remind people that this software is written for me to use with the commercial roaster at the Snobbery and it has been working perfectly for up to 50 roasts per week, every week of the year for years.

    While I'm happy to share it with CSrs for free and welcome new ideas please understand that if I cannot see a benefit in a requested feature or think it would hinder my usage then I won't want it in the software.

    A template for mounting the stainless thermocouple in the Behmor1600 is below.

    Outside of Australia?
    HeatSnob is available to other countries via

    Please Note: we will clean this thread from time to time and update any new information in this first post to avoid confusion when a new version is released.

    Note: Current probes are 4mm wide so drill a 4mm hole all the way through and a 5mm hole on the outer cover.
    Last edited by Andy; 9th May 2018 at 02:06 PM. Reason: new version and slightly more current screen shot.
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    CoffeeSnobs Owner Andy's Avatar
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    Mar 2004

    When you install the Heatsnob the first time Windows will try and find a "plug 'n pray" driver for it.

    You should see the installation icon the bottom right of the task bar, opening it will show the following.

    1: It will try and get an updated driver for "HID Thermocouple" from Windows Update, you can wait for the time-out or better still, click on "skip obtaining driver software from Windows Update"

    Because Windows never trusts you, it will also ask you to confirm the click. Answer Yes.

    It will then go ahead and install the driver you already had on your machine.
    You can click Close when it's done.

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    CoffeeSnobs Owner Andy's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    Those with a keen eye might have noticed in my above picture that I was running version 2.61
    I've been running that live on my roaster for more than a month and can't find any problems so it's now gone live and the download links in the first post will be for version 2.61 now.

    Version 2.61 is our first multi lingual version.

    We have lots of people running this all over the world and while they have learnt our english roasting words, they shouldn't really have to. Now they can set their own words in a simple text file called Translations.txt

    Extract from ReleaseNotes:
    Revision 2.61

    1. User-customisable text

    All text in the main window can now be customised by the user.
    On the first run of RoastMonitor, the file "Translations.txt" is created in Documents\CoffeeSnobs. This file contains a line of the form "English text = English text" for each text element in the main window. The text to the left of the equals sign should not be altered, but text to the right can be modified as required. If modifying this file, you should be aware that this file is Unicode-encoded.
    Text on buttons can include some HTML tags. A text character surrounded by <u> and </u> will be set as a keyboard shortcut for that button; <br> will force following text to a new line.
    For consistency, the previous customisation of some buttons via Preferences.txt is no longer supported.

    If you want to see translation in action, replace Documents/CoffeeSnobs/Translations.txt with the below spanish content. When you've finished playing you can delete Translations.txt and a pristine version will get created next time you run.

    REVISION = 2.61
    Actual = Real
    Air = Aire
    Alerts = Alertas
    All meters = Todos los metros
    <u>C</u>lose = <u>C</u>erca
    Comments = Comentarios
    <u>F</u>irst<br>crack = <u>P</u>rimera<br>grieta
    <u>G</u>o = <u>I</u>r
    Heat = Calor
    <u>L</u>oad = C<u>a</u>rga
    Load = Carga
    Load RML program = Cargar programa RML
    Load template = Load modelo
    Max = Máximo
    Min = Mínimo
    N/A = N/A
    Offset = Compensar
    per min = por minuto
    R<u>e</u>set = R<u>e</u>iniciar
    <u>R</u>olling<br>first crack = <u>R</u>odando<br>primera grieta
    R<u>M</u>L = RM<u>L</u>
    R<u>o</u>lling<br>second crack = R<u>o</u>dando<br>segunda grieta
    Range = Distancia
    RML programs = Programas rml
    <u>S</u>ave CSV = <u>G</u>uardar CSV
    Save = Guardar
    Save <u>J</u>PG = Guardar <u>J</u>PG
    Save image as = Guardar imagen como
    Save profile as = Guardar perfil como
    Saved image as  = imagen guardada como
    Saved profile as  = perfil guardado como
    Secon<u>d</u><br>crack = <u>S</u>egunda<br>grieta
    Sho<u>w</u> Log = Mos<u>t</u>rar Registro
    Sto<u>p</u> = <u>D</u>etener
    Target = Objetivo
    Temp. = Temp.
    <u>T</u>emplate = <u>M</u>odelo
    Temperature = Temperatura
    Time = Hora
    Time since = Tiempo desde
    Time since load = Tiempo desde la carga
    <u>U</u>nload<br>(Cool) = Descargar<br>(<u>F</u>rio)
    I'm happy to keep a library of translation files either here on CoffeeSnobs, on or in the software package so if you make one you like, let me know.
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    CoffeeSnobs Owner Andy's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    New Version of Roast Monitor Released Today.


    When we moved the forum from HTTP to HTTPS we "broke" the Roast Monitor version check.
    All fixed in this version.

    Download version 2.62 from the links in the first post.
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    CoffeeSnobs Owner Andy's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    HeatSnobs are back in stock!

    This new model is functionally the same but we have changed the original micro-USB to a USB-C type plug which works either way up (as used by Samsung, Nexus etc).

    A high quality, cloth covered USB-C to USB cable is included along with the stainless braid thermocouple.

    Available in BeanBay now.
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    CoffeeSnobs Owner Andy's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    (Moved the banter to HeatSnob Chat to keep this one clean for troubleshooting)

    Some previous questions and answers in the order they were asked:

    How do I change to Fahrenheit?

    Edit the settings file:

    # Temperature scale - either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

    Is there a way to manually capture other values

    The comments field allows you to type something in, it gets tagged on the primary plot line and also added to the CSV file so you can see/use it later.


    Is there a way of loading the csv file with the colours active?

    Yep, that's covered in the Preferences.txt file ( My Documents/CoffeeSnobs/Prefferences.txt )

    # Colour of template display (RGB 0,0,0 to 255,255,255).
    templateColours=0,128,0 0,100,0 0,128,0 0,128,0 0,128,0 0,128,0 0,128,0 0,128,0 0,128,0
    If you want it to be blue then change the first set of RGB number to 0,0,255 eg:

    # Colour of template display (RGB 0,0,0 to 255,255,255).
    templateColours=0,0,255 0,100,0 0,128,0 0,128,0 0,128,0 0,128,0 0,128,0 0,128,0 0,128,0


    Are the event buttons changeable?

    Yes they certainly are.

    Edit this section in the preferences.txt file to have the 5 buttons become a shortcut for whatever you like.
    (my documents/coffeesnobs/preferences.txt)

    # Text for tag buttons.

    Error message:
    Thermocouple shorted to power
    or Thermocouple shorted to ground

    Every single instance of this error in the last 4 years has been a problem with the devices connected to the HeatSnob, not the HeatSnob itself.

    1: Dodgy laptop power supplies - try running on battery and see if the problem goes away.
    2: Dodgy roaster wiring - fix it!
    3: Something dodgy on the same electrical circuit - any device on the same power circuit misbehaving and leaking voltage to ground.

    Clothes dryer, air-con, compressor, pop-up toaster, mobile phone and even a vibrating exercise platform have been found to give off voltage on the same circuit.


    The software adds the temp figure on the line every now and then, is there a way to turn this function off?

    Roast smoother!If your temperature drops fast it will plot a blue temperature, if it rises fast it will plot a red one.
    It's possible to roast with one temperature when you drop the beans in, one at the turn and one when you drop the beans out.


    Can you change the graph scale?

    Yes, edit in notepad: \Documents\CoffeeSnobs\preferences.txt
    The temperature scale (vertical) and the time scale (horizontal) can both be changed easily.

    # Temperatures (vertical scale) in degrees.
    # Horizontal scale in minutes.

    What size probe suits the Behmor Roaster?

    The 25mm will work fine and will just protrude into the chamber but most people use the 100mm one to get it further into the roast chamber.

    The Behmor template in the first post here shows a 3mm hole through and a 4mm hole in the cover, this was true for the older 3mm probes. If you have a more recent probe it's likely to be a 4mm wide probe and will require a 4mm hole through and 5mm hole in the cover.


    Where to install the probe in a Corretto?

    See: HeatSnob Chat for a great picture and discussion.


    Where to install on my xxxx roaster?

    Bean Mass:
    On my commercial roaster that's near the sight glass where the beans are moving slowest and have better contact with the tip of the thermocouple.

    Air Temperature:
    On my commercial roaster under the drum shaft is a good place to measure heat without bean contact.

    Anywhere, the temperature measured here will be specific to your setup but will still show you if you are running hotter/cooler than your target.


    How many HeatSnobs can I run?

    The software has a limitation of 9 HeatSnobs which should be plenty and I look forward to knowing what setup needs more than that!
    Each HeatSnob needs its own USB port on the computer and they will run fine on a USB hub if needed.


    Can I run the Roast Monitor software without a HeatSnob attached?

    No, the software needs to see a HeatSnob plugged in before it opens.


    If you have another problem post details here and we'll troubleshoot it ASAP.
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