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Thread: Examples of slow start with fast finish profiles?

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    Examples of slow start with fast finish profiles?

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    Hi all

    When first starting out, much googling revealed that a slow start with a fast finish seems to be the secret advice given by those in the know. However I'm buggered if I know how that translates to an actual profile. I've tried it a few times and just get a weird looking profile that kicks up at the end and tastes off.

    Does anyone have a profile they can share that demonstrates this concept? I'd love to see what it actually looks like.

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    I think that googled info would translate better as "gentle heat to start, ramping as you go" rather than expecting a flat profile at the beginning that goes ballistic at the end.

    So FWIW, my input temps start low, then progressively ramp to first crack, and then I back off slowly to prevent the roast running away - but it still finishes reasonable quickly. If you look at this profile, the red line shows the heat inputs as they increase (in my case I enter my heatgun digital settings - minus a zero ). But the actual 'profile' is certainly not like an acceleration graph, if that is what you're expecting… (I did try doing that once - could only achieve a straight line, and the results were pretty bad!)

    Cheers Matt

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