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Thread: behmor plus - first few roasts

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    behmor plus - first few roasts

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all, I got a behmor plus from Andy a week or so ago and have since been having fun doing some initial roasts aiming for around CS9. So far have just done the Indian Hills with each roast as 200g P1 then C & P2 at first crack as recommended by Andy and trying to keep track of how long until second crack for each roast so I get better handle on when to hit cool.
    Only done 3 roasts, and am yet to try any, but have been really impressed with how easily and evenly this roaster works. Was using a corretto and manually moving the heat gun up or down to adjust input, so this is much more hands off and easy and so far, results look better, visually at least.

    I was in Bunnings today to get some Simple Green. There was 4 different variants of Simple Green Ė mould killer, bathroom cleaner, window cleaner and oven cleaner, but I didnít see any general purpose Simple Green, so I left it for another day. I assume it is just the general purpose I should use?
    I also realised the hard way that if you shake the roaster drum over a high speed fan to increase cooling that sometimes the end flap opens and the fan is a very effective way to spread coffee beans over the entire room!

    Really looking forward to trying a few different profiles and timings and then tasting to see what I like. Any recommendations of profile and timing for a cold drip. I have some Ethiopian Biftu sundried Iím keen to roast.
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    Glad you are having fun, it's really easy to get excellent results if you don't over complicate the process!

    Simple Green:

    Yes, the "All Purpose" is the one you want. It's in the cleaning aisle in our local Bunnings.

    Way back when Joe Behm wrote the manual for the roaster, Simple Green had one product, all the others have been done since.
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    I'm using this one only cause it works out at 80c/L. . Seems to work fine.

    Here's (almost) everything you ever wanted to know about cold brew.

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    I'm still using the first edition of the Behmor, but might get the upgrade panel soon and see how that goes
    My only advice is, go on, try all the profiles from 1 to 5! A lot of people tend to use P2, it's like the mighty reliable warrior profile. I actually prefer P4 the most. It's slower roasting, dips down in temp before ramping back up.. I find I like the slow roasted beans a lot more than the quick. But it is all very much personal preference. If you're going to try P4-P5 though, my tip would be to chill out and not put a big full batch of beans in.. go a smaller roast. Sometimes the longer roast won't make it all the way if you overload it.
    Have fun!
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