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Thread: test roast in toaster oven!

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    test roast in toaster oven!

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    so i have a toaster oven that has both at top and at bottom the heating element.. so i though why not give this a try...
    i dint knew what to expect so i used only 10gms of ethopian beans.. after preheating it for 30 secs i added the beans and the whole process was soo smooth and easy...
    i take out the tray every 1.5-2mins to shake a bit and let it do its thing..
    first crack at 4:45mins that includes preheating time.. second crack at 6mins.. since it was quite i can hear and see beans popping and all..
    all in all v.even roast/bean no tipping what so ever.. but yes some remains city+ some full city+ but none had any burnt or any other issue.. i broken a couple of beans so see from inside and they were pretty even.. it was almost like roasting in behmor if only i had an option to put a drum in it..
    check the pic and comment..
    just want to know how to get even roast overall? adding more beans? or putting almunium sheet below and above the beans?
    open pic in new tab and hit zoom to get clear view... whatever colour a bean has on the viewing side exactly same colour and tone it has on its other side

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    Event roast normally means that all beans have the same color (more or less). I don't think you can get that without roasting a larger quantity and continuous agitation.
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    Perhaps some of the info here might germinate some useful ideas....

    Lots of people have converted empty Milo tins, coffee cans, etc into rotating drum roasters that you can use above a lot of different heat sources - Down to your own ingenuity on how to make it work for you...

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