Hi I have acquired both a behmor and a gene cafe which I'm really enjoying.
I love the ease of using the gene when I want to do a quick 200gm roast, without having to watch it and clean up afterward. I have found the roasts to be rather decent, better than I expected given I heard a lot of bad things about the gene just 'baking' not roasting beans. I tend to like my espresso on the brighter side so I guess that helps. I generally set the temp up to 250 and set it to 15minutes to get a light to medium roast. Because I'm lazy I have just been predicting the level of roast by colour and letting the machine do its own cooling which takes about 10minutes and I can get an end roast which I'm pretty happy with so far.

As for the behmor, I know I can get a roast with more body and even just comparing the aroma of the gene vs behmor beans after a couple of hours the behmor is definitely more intense. I also think the behmor allows for more control than the gene, although the gene has more finite and on the fly time and temp controls, in reality its not overly applicable. I dont think there is any benefit to adjusting the heat during the roast, as in my experience i need to give the beans maximum heat to get it to first crack in an acceptable time and after all I assume its just a basic on/off thermostat so I dont see how adjusting the temp mid roast before you've reached around 235 will make any difference - it still needs to climb to 235 to crack. Anyway if anyone has more knowledge on the gene heat adjustment benefits id be happy to hear.
Conversely the behmor heat adjustment is rather fast and effective so i like being able to adjust that before 1st crack to slow down the roast. Also I like that you can somewhat control air flow by increasing drum speed. For the behmor ive been starting on manual p5 and double drum speed, then slowing the drum and reducing heat to p4 just before 1st crack then stopping roast towards the end of 1st crack, then open the door pull out chaff collector and blowing a fan straight in. Im happy so far but still feeling my way and comparing results.

Anyway to my question!
Many have said that one of the best things they have changed about their roasting is pulling the beans and cooling externally. Now as I said I am lazy and time poor and would prefer not do this is if possible. So what i want to know is;
How does coasting - cooling the beans slowly - affect end the result? Eg. If i can predict the correct end roast colour and include coasting time, vs getting to the right colour then pulling and cooling in 2minutes - will the taste be very different??

Appreciate thoughts. Ta.