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Thread: Conduction and Convection

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    Conduction and Convection

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    Howdy folks, doing some research on home roasters. It appears the options with drum roasters are where the drum is heated directly by flame for conductive heating, and/or hot air is blown into the drum for convective via an air heater (appreciate there will be some heating of the bean from the residual heat in the drum from the preheat).

    My question is, does it limit the range of roast profiles/flavour/aroma possible from beans to be limited to only convective heating for instance? Looking at a Taiwanese roaster, it appears to use an electric heater to blow hot air into the drum. Just a bit unclear how this will effect the roasts?

    Cheers, no doubt my question is too basic and i'm opening up a can of worms..

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    Perhaps the clearest point of difference for a conductive roaster intended for home use (at least in the case of the FZ700 Baby Roaster) is the ability to grind and pull a shot straight from the roaster without the need for a degassing period. This is key feature of the Baby roaster and a fundamental part of the original design intended for large scale roasters to be able to sample a roast outcome immediately. The only downside I see in the Baby roaster is the inability to quickly and easily do a visual check of the roast progress. You must rely more on odour, smoke and crack as your cues, and a thermal probe is therefore a desirable addition. Hope these comments are helpful.

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